Cruel Joke

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Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Inflicts doom on enemies within range
Available Level 99
Type Element: Dark Magical
MP Cost 187 MP Cast Time 3 seconds
Unbridled Learning Recast Time 30 seconds
Target AoE Range
Stat Bonus
Enfeeble Effect Doom Duration 60 Seconds
Monster Type Undead Monster Family Defiant
Volatile Enmity Information Needed Cumulative Enmity Information Needed


  • Notorious Monsters are not susceptible to this spell.
    • While certain monsters like Incursion fodder are.
  • Doom effect takes 60 seconds to defeat the affected targets.
    • Effect wears off if walking more than 10' from the target.
    • Target may be slept or bound without removing the effect.

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Defiant Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 393+
Monster Level Zone Map
Balamor's Adumbration Question   Alluvion Skirmish
 Rala or Cirdas. Random occurrence when changing floors. Becomes much more frequent the higher the tier of entry item.
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Palloritus Question   Outer Ra'Kaznar (U)
 Vagary: Deathborne Gate Boss
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