Crystal War Revisited (11/03/2007)

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To commemorate the release of the "Wings of the Goddess" expansion pack, a special event entitled "Crystal War Revisited" will begin on Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 01:00 PST.

Which nation do you think was most influential in the outcome of the the Crystal War? San d'Oria and its noble knighthood? Bastok and its formidable artillery? Windurst with its unparalleled magic? This controversy can only be resolved by you! Capture crystal fragments from beastman-held positions to attain victory and glory for your nation!

That's right, an anachronistic outbreak of the Crystal War in the modern day! And this time, who better to shoulder the burden of battle than the mighty adventurer!

For instructions on how to play "Crystal War Revisited" and other details, please see the new Topics to be posted on the day the event begins

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