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Courtesy: adventurers from BGForums

Event Schedule

From Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 01:00 PST until Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 01:00 PST.

How to Participate

1. To take part in "Crystal War Revisited," talk to any of the moogles found at the following locations:

2. Raid one of the following beastmen-held positions and obtain a fragment of the Huge Crystal being kept there:

Marker marks the Huge Crystal for Palborough Mines, Second Level - (F-6)
Marker marks the Huge Crystal for Castle Oztroja (I-8)

  • Defeating the special Notorious Monsters that can be found wandering about near the Huge Crystals will result in a temporary bonus to the amount of crystal fragments a character can hold for all PCs in the area at that time.
  • It is good to note that you do 'not' need to CFH on any of the NMs, simply kill them and the rest of the area will share the effect.
  • The NMs will repop once per game day, so if you do not see them, come back and try again at the start of the next game day.
  • It is believed that several level 70s are needed to kill the NMs in the higher level dungeons. Be aware of this when attempting to collect crystals.
  • It is very possible that a time limit has been set on the 'collect more' effect gained by killing the NMs. You will not be able to idle in an area and collect more than the normal allotted crystals.

3. Should you safely obtain a crystal fragment, return to town and report back to the Moogle. Work together with as many adventurers as possible to secure victory and earn your nation the title of most powerful among the Allied Forces of Altana!

  • Participation in Reliving the Crystal War is unlimited throughout the duration of the event.


Palborough Mines

Ghelsba Outpost




Castle Oztroja


  • You can only retrieve 1 or 2 crystals before receiving the following message:
"The Crystal is badly damaged. Any more attempts at shard retrieval may damage it."
  • Most of the time, you can only get 1 or 2 shards (lesser or greater beastmen stronghold, respectively), sometimes you can get 2 or 4.
  • If you're seeing the above message, return to your Moogle and try again after submitting it.

Moogle In-game Text

The following text was retrieved using POLUtils. The Prompts have been left in so you can see what each line of text functions as:

Welcome back, adventurer! Let me see how many shards you have retrieved, kupo...≺Prompt≻

My records show that you have brought your nation a total of ≺Numeric Parameter 0≻ ≺Singular/Plural Choice (Parameter 0)≻[shard/shards], but I know you're not done yet, are you?≺Prompt≻

Amazing! You've already collected ≺Numeric Parameter 0≻ ≺Singular/Plural Choice (Parameter 0)≻[shard/shards], kupo! I think I have something extra special for you!≺Prompt≻

Here's a little something to keep you motivated, kupo!≺Prompt≻

Why are you talking to me? You should be out there aiding ≺Multiple Choice (Parameter 1)≻[San d'Oria/Bastok/Windurst]'s fight to prove you are better than those ≺Multiple Choice (Parameter 0)≻[San d'Orians/Bastokers/Windurstians], kupo!≺Prompt≻

Congratulations on your victory, ≺Multiple Choice (Parameter 0)≻[San d'Orian/Bastoker/Windurstian]! Your nation has been selected Crystal War MVN, kupo! As a reward, I shall teleport you to any nation of your choice!≺Prompt≻

Where would like to go, kupo? ≺Selection Dialog≻Nowhere. San d'Oria. Bastok. Windurst.≺Prompt≻

Happy travels, kupo!≺Prompt≻

Moogles from across Vana'diel have heard of ≺Multiple Choice (Parameter 0)≻[San d'Oria/Bastok/Windurst]'s recent success in collecting crystal shards, and have come bearing gifts! For the next few days, ≺Multiple Choice (Parameter 0)≻[San d'Orian/Bastoker/Windurstian] vendors will be selling specialty goods from everywhere imaginable, kupo!≺Prompt≻

Oooh! It's ≺Player Name≻! Your shard-collecting skills have left us Moogles in awe. It's my honor to present you with this special present, kupo!≺Prompt≻


Sonomaa sports a pair of Dandy Spectacles, reward of the event
  • Bring 2 crystals back to your Moogle.
  • Successful retrieval of crystal clusters will result in the player being awarded... A pair of Dandy Spectacles!
  • Bringing in 20 crystals appears to award you with Fancy Spectacles
  • The rewards are not marked as Rare or Exclusive and can be placed on the Auction House

Event Results

Following completion of the event, the scores will be tallied to determine if San d'Oria, Bastok, or Windurst is the victor. The final results will be posted in the Topics section. And there may just be a special something waiting for the members of the victorious nation!

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