Damage Over Time

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Damage over time, or DoT, typically refers to a debuff effect which causes low damage in periodic intervals over an extended period of time. Many spells include damage over time as an element of the spell in addition to another status debuff. Most damage over time spells (except helix spells) process on 3 second tick intervals. Damage over time is cumulative and the total damage dealt per tick is the sum of the damage per tick of all active DoT effects. DoT effects will wake up slept players (except from Nightmare) at each tick, and are often applied purposefully on fights where Sleep is a significant danger.

Status effects which have damage over time as a component include:

Damage over time is different than a player's total damage over a set period of time factoring in melee hits, ranged hits, weapon skills, etc. (which is typically used as a means of comparing damage output over extended periods of time across different weapons or different jobs), this is generally referred to as "DPS" or "damage per second" to differentiate it from "damage over time".

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