Dark Puppet

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Dark Puppet
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: NA
Level Restriction: Level 50
Starting NPC Cid - Metalworks (G-8)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Zeid's letter to Cid reports him finding one of the weapons forged by Gerwitz, the legendary darksteel smith...but it has taken the form of an evil weapon. You must meet Zeid and help him with his task.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Dark Legacy
DRK 50+
Darksteel Ingot
Chaos Sollerets


  • Speak with Cid to begin quest.
  • Obtain a Darksteel Ingot from the Auction House or mining
  • Travel to Ordelle's Caves and upon zoning in you will receive a cutscene.
  • Head to I-8 of the 1st floor map and you will find a ???.
  • Trade the Ingot to the ??? to spawn a NM: Gerwitz's Axe (NM). This will consume the ingot.
  • Defeat Gerwitz's Axe (NM) and it will drop the item Gerwitz's Axe.
  • Next, head East from the spot you're in now and go up the ramp to the 3rd map to find another ??? at H-8.
  • Trade the item Gerwitz's Axe to the ??? here and it will spawn Gerwitz's Sword (NM).
  • Defeat Gerwitz's Sword (NM) and it will drop the item Gerwitz's Sword.
  • Now, head South from the spot you're in and enter a giant square room on the same map to find another ??? at H-10.
  • Trade the item Gerwitz's Sword to the ??? here and it will spawn Gerwitz's Soul (NM).
  • Defeat Gerwitz's Sword (NM) and then travel to G-10 on the same map and exit to La Theine Plateau. This will conclude the quest and you will receive your reward after the cutscene.

Additional Information

  • Starting this quest unlocks the ability to receive two additional pieces of artifact armor from coffers located in the following locations:
  • Your main job must be Dark Knight when opening the coffers to obtain the artifact armor.

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