Daughter of a Knight

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Daughter of a Knight
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC Jugner Forest (S)
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Could the mystery object the Cait Siths were discussing be related in any way to the medicine Sir Ragelise used to take? The answer lies with Amaura, a resident of present-day Southern San d'Oria.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Dancers in Distress A Spoonful of Sugar


  • Speak to Amaura in Southern San d'Oria at (G-6).
    • The fastest route to her would be to take Home Point #1 for Southern San d'Oria.
  • Kill Wandering Saplings in Jugner Forest (S) for a Cernunnos Bulb.
  • Return to Amaura to trade her the Cernunnos Bulb.
  • Trade the Cernunnos Bulb to the Humus-rich Earth in Jugner Forest (S) at (E-6).
    • Be careful of aggro from the Lobisons in the area.
  • Examine the Humus-rich Earth in Jugner Forest (Present Day) at (E-6) for a cutscene.
  • Examine the Humus-rich Earth again to spawn the mob Cernunnos.
    • Cernunnos is a Treant-type mob that can cast spells such as Protect IV, Shell IV, Stone IV, Stonga III.
  • Examine the Humus-rich Earth again after defeating Cernunnos to obtain the Key ItemCernunnos resin.
  • Return to Amaura with the key item.
  • Speak to Amaura after waiting a game day and zoning to obtain the Key Itembottle of treant tonic.

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