Dawn of Death

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Dawn of Death.jpg
Dawn of Death
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Joachim, Port Jeuno
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Abyssea, a parallel world eerily similar yet deathly different from Vana'diel... What terrible cataclysm could have befallen this realm? Overhead, the sanguine sky is an ever-present portent of looming destruction...
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Truth Beckons First Contact
Expansion Set Quests:
The Forbidden Frontier
Scars of Abyssea
Heroes of Abyssea


  • After speaking to Joachim in Port Jeuno (H-8) to conclude the previous quest (The Truth Beckons), be sure you are in possession of a traverser stone.
    • At this point, you will now earn a new stone every 20 real life hours. Joachim will hold them for you as they accumulate. The accumulation time can be lowered as you progress through the questline.
  • Examine the following Cavernous Maws to begin the corresponding quests.
  • You must complete three of these quests to proceed with the next quest.

Vision of Abyssea

Scars of Abyssea

Heroes of Abyssea

After flagging one of these quests, you unlock the ability to teleport to the corresponding maw for a fee of 200 Cruor