Dehbi Moshal

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Dehbi Moshal.jpg
Location: Al Zahbi - (G-10)
Type: Guild Vendor
Description: Merchant for the Woodworking Guild (Open 6-21 daily).

Prices at this vendor are subject to supply and demand, so the prices will fluctuate.

Item Name

Price (gil)


Arrowwood Log 15
Lauan Log 27
Maple Log 45
Ash Log 72
Willow Log 120
Holly Log 528
Yew Log 330
Elm Log 1,378
Walnut Log 640
Chestnut Log 2,119
Oak Log 4,740
Rosewood Log 6,615
Mahogany Log 9,075
Ebony Log 9,600
Bamboo Stick 108
Arrowwood Lumber 3
Lauan Lumber 27
Maple Lumber 45
Ash Lumber 72
Willow Lumber 120
Holly Lumber 607
Yew Lumber 330
Elm Lumber 1,723
Chestnut Lumber 2,119
Oak Lumber 4,740
Wooden Arrow 13
Iron Arrow 26
Silver Arrow 60


  • Can be taken prisoner and if Chayaya has been taken prisoner in besieged, his shop will be closed.

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