Deliver: Foret de Hennetiel

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Deliver: Foret de Hennetiel
Coalition Couriers' Coalition
Rank Contributor
Type Supply Delivery
Zone Foret de Hennetiel
Objective Bring supplies from the Frontier Station in Foret de Hennetiel back to the assignment desk.
Rewards: EXP/Bayld
IMP x1 IMP x2 IMP x3 Treasure
2000 3600 4800


  1. Zone out to Ceizak Battlegrounds from Western Adoulin at (C-9).
  2. Run southwest and zone to Sih Gates around the border of (G-11)/(H-11) in Ceizak Battlegrounds.
  3. Run south and zone to Foret de Hennetiel at (H-11).
  4. From the entrance of Foret de Hennetiel, run a little ways into the first open area and take the south path to (J-7).
  5. Speak to the Station Administrator at (J-7) to receive Hen. FS resource container.
  • Return to the Task Delegator to deliver the supplies and receive your reward.


  • Movement speed increasing effects recommended.

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