Delta Strike I (B)

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Bastok-Flag.jpg Delta Strike I (B)
 Campaign Type:  Security
 Start NPC: Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) - (E-8)
 Campaign Rank: Brass Ribbon of Service §§
 Objective: Recently, there has been an increase in reports of attacks on merchants and farmers on the outskirts of North Gustaberg (H-10). You are to travel to the area, identify the threat, and neutralize it.
 Time Limit:  None  Recommended Lv.  70+


  • Easily soloed by a lvl75 Thief.
  • After talking to the Campaign Ops NPC head to North Gustaberg (S) (H-10) and check the ???.
  • A NM Goblin Picaroon will spawn.
  • Goblin has over 9000 exp, very low defense and no noticeable evasion for a 75thf in full homam. Normal melee strikes were weak, 60-80 damage, Bomb Toss hit for 75-175, most 75 jobs can probably solo.
  • After defeating the NM check the ??? again to obtain 160 experience points.
  • Go back to Hieronymus and collect your allied notes.

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