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This massive peninsula, located on the eastern side of the Quon continent, jets out into the Bastore Sea. It nearly reaches the Grand Duchy of Jeuno at its tip. However, far from the reach of Jeuno and within the marshlands at the base of the peninsula, the Quadav continue the construction of their new city of Beadeaux.

General Information

Region bonus granted by: Signet
Outpost located at: (K-6) in Pashhow Marshlands

Map of Derfland

Zones located in Derfland
Beadeaux Crawlers' Nest Pashhow Marshlands
Rolanberry Fields Qulun Dome

Regional NPCs

Region Items Price NPC
Derfland Derfland Pear 126 - 154
Port Bastok (E-7)
Southern San d'Oria (J-9)
Windurst Woods (J-10)
Ginger 139 - 170
Gysahl Greens 61 - 74
Olive Flower 1,620 - 1,980
Olive Oil 14 - 17
Wijnruit 108 - 132

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