Desperate Flourish

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Job Ability Information
Job Dancer
Type Level  
Level Obtained 30
Description Weighs down a target with a low rate of success. Requires one finishing move.
Duration Varies
Range 4.4'
Recast 00:00:20 (Flourishes I)
Cost 1 Finishing Move charges
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 0
Command /ja "Desperate Flourish" <stnpc> 
Job Points
Category Flourish I Effect Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase accuracy by 1.


  • Instantly weighs the targeted enemy down, slowing its movement speed and reducing its evasion (-10) for a limited time.
  • Possesses an unquantified hit rate penalty, somewhere on the order of 10-20%.



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