Dia (Status)

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Dia reduces the host's defense statistic, and causes a DoT effect.

How to inflict Dia

Name Type Notes

Monster Abilities which inflict Dia

Ability Family
Ability Family

How to remove Dia




Resistance Information

Additional Notes

  • Dia (Status) and Bio (Status) cannot both exist on the host at the same time. If Bio (Status) is applied to a host with Dia (Status), the status will either fail to take effect, or will overwrite the Dia (Status), depending on the relative strength of the two statuses.
Spell Raw Value Percentage
Diaga 104/1024 10.16%
Dia 104/1024 10.16%
Dia II 156/1024 15.23%
Dia III 208/1024 20.31%
Light Shot 28/1024 2.73%

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