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October 2017

  • If you are new to the game and need some guidance to make the most of your time, the Quickstart 1-119 Guide is for you. Be sure to check it out to see how you can make the most out of the game with progression on your journey to Item Level 119.

Craving some nostalgia? Be sure to visit The History of Final Fantasy XI. This page outlines the full documentation regarding development, release, and evolution of Final Fantasy XI to what it is today.

We are always looking to welcome new editors to the team. Feel free to join the BG Discord if you wish to contribute!

September 2017

  • See the Guides page for our growing collection.

We are always looking to welcome new editors and guide creators to the team. Feel free to join the BG Discord or post in our thread on, on Reddit, our own BG Forums, or simply add to the existing community collaborative Job Guides.

July 2017

  • Trustiniative.png
    BGWiki's Trust page has had a major overhaul and redesign! It is now easier to browse through and edit all trust information. Best of all, this information also appears on all Cipher pages, and when one edit is made it saves everywhere.

Note: Due to our cache, edits to trusts are not immediately displayed. Rest assured your information is saved and will automagically update shortly after an edit.

May 2017

  • Our search function has been improved! No longer is it case sensitive when searching for two or more words. As an example, search terms like "ambuscade rewards" will correctly bring up our "Ambuscade Rewards" page! Please report any oddities involving searching to us on Discord. Everyone is welcome to join us in Discord and discuss anything with us regarding BG Wiki. We are always open to all comments and concerns.

March 2017

  • We now have Auction House categories on every item that can be sold on the Auction House! Look for this symbol to easily figure out the category for those hard to find items: Auction House 16.png

Ever wonder where that one guy is getting that constant supply of those expensive scrolls? Nearly every NPC-sold item now have vendor information on their pages. This is not limited to items purchased with Gil either. Sparks, Imperial Standing, Bayld, and more have had their item pages updated. As an example, check out Distilled Water, Lightning Threnody (Scroll) and Baraero (Scroll).

February 2017

  • We have full lists of armor and weapons on the wiki, which are divided by slot and type. These lists are also sortable by defense, item level, damage, delay, etc. This is a very valuable resource to use when you are searching for specific stats on a piece of gear. Remember, Control+F is your friend if you are searching for something!

Use the links in the navigation to the left under Items to check it out, or click here: Armor / Weapons

October 2016

For example check out our new Puppetmaster guide.

September 2016

  • We really love jugs here at BG Wiki. So we have a new Jug Pet page!

See all the latest and greatest on your favorite companions. What happens on those cold nights in Reisenjima stays in Reisenjima.

July 2016

  • That we have a new Automaton page?!
    All aspects of automatons, their weaponskills, attachments, and so on have been updated with the latest information. Check out the latest on your wobbly friends.

June 2016

  • By clicking on the " BG reference.png " image on any page that it appears, you can see every other place where that item is referenced or linked from on BG Wiki.

This is a good way to see further information about an item if its page has not yet been fully updated!

March 2016

Take a look at our ever growing collection of information as we are sure there are new flavors for your life!

February 2016

  • The Mythical Weapons in Final Fantasy XI all have unique back stories to them. When standing in town, why not refresh your memory by reading up? All weapons and their stories can be found by visiting The Myriad Arms of Balrahn. If Mythical weapons are not your thing, you can also view our new Ultimate Weapons page to refresh your memory on Relics Empyreans and Ergon weapons.
  • Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 support will end sometime in March 2016 or April 2016. If you are still playing Final Fantasy XI on either of those consoles, you can switch to the PC Version for free as long as you have a PC that can run the game! SE is providing the client free of charge. Simply visit this page for a link and instructions to download and install. Do not wait until the last minute to switch! You should familiarize yourself with the PC version beforehand and save/import your macros before it is too late!

January 2016

December 2015

October 2015

  • We have recently recolored our item pages for a crisp, new look! Along with this change we added the following icon: BG reference2.png to the top right of all item pages. This now functions identically as the old text link "Pages that reference this item". Simply click that icon on any page to see other places where that item is linked to on the wiki. This is a good way to see further information on an item if its page has not yet been fully updated.

September 2015 2

  • You are able to see the latest edits to the wiki as soon as they are saved! This is not only a great way to see which pages are being worked on in order to contribute, but also to see the latest drop information on that shiny new item you have your eyes on. Simply view the Recent Changes page to see the latest updates that have been added to the wiki!

September 2015

  • Wonder why that certain item is all of a sudden skyrocketing in price on the Auction House? All recipes are on our wiki, so you can easily see what those weird items such as Wyvern Scales are linked from! This usually means it is an ingredient in that recipe. Simply click on the "Pages that reference this item" link on any item page and see what that pesky item is used for!

June 2015

  • Sabishii of Odin has written a very extensive Blue Magic Guide on our wiki. It goes in depth on every aspect and mechanic of Blue Magic. The guide covers where to obtain spells all the way to new Blue Mage Gifts. If you are an aspiring Blue Mage, or even a veteran, you will want to check it out here.

April 2015

February 2015

  • BGWiki now has an Alluvion Skirmish Armor page to help everyone out with process of augmenting their new armor!
    Since new categories as well as an increase in augment maximum values was also added to the existing Alluvion Skirmish Weapons in the February update please don't forget to post your new findings :D

November 2014

  • Unity is a new battle system released in the recent November 10th update. Please visit the growing and developing Unity page for information on this new system. Don't be afraid to contribute! :D

October 2014

  • Did you know we have recently revamped Gobbie Mystery Box and Trust pages? See the growing list of what may happen when you take a spin of the dial and learn something new about one of your adventuring fellows.

August 2014

July 2014

  • Our wiki uses a cache system, and guests who are not logged in see older versions of content. If you are logged into an account, you will be able to see the most up-to-date version of every page. We suggest that frequent users create an account and log in. This will allow you to see the newest versions of every page and easily contribute to our community!

June 2014

  • Special ingredients were introduced in the June Version Update to allow players to easily level up their crafting skills to level 50. All you need is the item sold by the respective guild merchant and the appropriate crystal. High-quality items are not able to be synthesized, and if you fail the synth all items are lost. Now is the best time to level your sub crafts!

May 2014

March 2014

  • Even though the Delve Fractures are inaccessible, you can still fight the first five Notorious Monsters from all three zones individually in the field! Head on over to the Delve page for all of the information we have gathered, and feel free to contribute any knowledge you may have!
  • Having trouble figuring out a recipe that a certain item is used in? Now that all recipes have been added to our wiki, try using the "What links here" feature. This can be found in the left navigation under toolbox. Use it while viewing any page to see what you find!

February 2014

  • Ever had the desire to sort specific types of weapons or pieces of armor by Item Level? Now you can on BG Wiki! We have begun the process of adding Item Levels to Weapons and Armor. Head on over to the Weapons Category or Armor Category to look at all current Item Levels! As always, these pages will be updated after every Version Update.

January 2014

  • The ability to teleport between Home Points became available in December's Version Update. On top of that, new and strategically placed home points were added to the game. Only catch is you must examine a Home Point once after the update took place in order to unlock that location. Having trouble finding all of them? Check out our comprehensive list over on the Home Point page!

December 2013

November 2013

October 2013

  • Having trouble figuring out a recipe that a certain item is used in? Now that all recipes have been added to our wiki, try using the "What links here" feature. This can be found in the left navigation under toolbox. Use it while viewing any page to see what you find!

August 2013

  • In the August 2013 update, nearly all pieces of equipment with an Item Level have had their stats significantly upgraded to continue player progression. Click here to see all of the upgraded (and new) equipment.

July 2013

  • With the July 2013 update, players possessing the "Climbing" key item may now use "Scalable Areas" to descend or ascend upon new terrain. See the quest Hide and Go Peak to learn how to acquire this key item.

March 2013

  • March 3, 2013: In recent discussions on the FFXI official forum, the development team shed some light on the inner workings of the Enmity system. See Enmity for the new (and newly confirmed) details, and stay tuned for upcoming changes to the system.

February 2013

January 2013

December 2012

November 2012

  • November 26, 2012: Hungry? While in general, of the five races, only Galka can eat raw meat and only Mithra can eat raw fish, equipping the Matron's Knife will allow any player of any race to consume either of them.
  • November 16, 2012: In some regions of Vana'diel, weather is strongly seasonal, tied to the Vana'diel calendar. For example, the Li'Telor region has almost daily thunderstorms in the summer, but only a few during the winter months.
  • November 13, 2012: After completing the series of quests from Cid's assistant Raibaht (Teak Me to the Stars, Hyper Active, and The Naming Game), you can name the airship that appears in the Chains of Promathia storyline (and receive a hyper ultra cool title!).
  • November 9, 2012: The elemental damage boosting effects of Cumulative Magic and augmented Quick Draw (with Navarch's Bottes +1 or +2) can be combined to significantly increase the damage dealt of the same element.
  • November 7, 2012: Areuhat, whose story is chronicled in the Near Eastern classic Wyrmseeker Areuhat, has an insatiable appetite for certain... oddities. Try the quest Beast from the East to learn more about this legendary swordswoman!

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