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Crag - Dimensional Portal
Al'Taieu - Dimensional Portal
Reisenjima - Dimensional Portal
Empyreal Paradox - Dimensional Portal

Dimensional portals were once telepoints, but the crystal has been pulled into an unknown realm. They allow players access to the northern area of Al'Taieu,the areas of Limbus and also to Reisenjima. To be eligible to use these dimensional portals to travel to Al'Taieu, a player must past Promathia Mission 7-5. To use them to travel to Reisenjima, a player must be past Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Mission 2-41.

  • These are two-way warps either Crag <-> Al'Taieu or Crag <-> Reisenjima.
    • The game will send you back to whatever Crag Dimensional Portal you came from if using the one inside Reisenjima.
      • If you used the Dimensional Portal in Empyreal Paradox to warp to Reisenjima Sactorium then exited to Reisenjima and then used the Dimensional Portal in there the game by default warps you to the Crag of Mea's Dimensional Portal.
Reisenjima - (Coordinates) Al'Taieu - (Coordinates) Crags - (Coordinates)
Reisenjima - (F-12) Al'Taieu - (D-7) La Theine Plateau - (K-9)
Reisenjima - (F-12) Al'Taieu - (H-5) Konschtat Highlands - (I-7)
Reisenjima - (F-12) Al'Taieu - (H-5) Tahrongi Canyon - (I-6)

There is also another Dimensional Portal located in Empyreal Paradox that is linked to the elevator in The Garden of Ru'Hmet, you must descend on it. Once in the zone walk through the hallway and it will be on your right when you exit. This one is different then the others in that it is not a two-way portal and also requires the "Rhapsody in Ochre" ki to use.

Origin Destination
Empyreal Paradox La Theine Plateau (Crag Dimensional Portal) (K-9)
Empyreal Paradox Konschtat Highlands (Crag Dimensional Portal) (I-7)
Empyreal Paradox Tahrongi Canyon (Crag Dimensional Portal) (I-6)
Empyreal Paradox Reisenjima Sanctorium

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