Doll Festival 2008 (02/15/2008)

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Doll Festival 2008 (02/15/2008)


All you boys and girls out there, have we got a treat for you, kupo! You'll never guess what it is! Oh, you already know? That's no fun...

Aaanyway! Doll Festival 2008 is just around the corner! Our hardworking moogles at the Mog House Management Union (MHMU) and the kindly townsfolk have been busy decorating the streets in a dazzling array of colors. Gifts for all our well-behaved adventurers are being prepared as we speak, kupo!

And don't forget, the deadline for the festival's Fan Art Contest is also drawing near. We look forward to receiving sensational submissions from all of you, kupo!

More details on Doll Festival 2008 available here.
For information on the Fan Art Contest, click here.

  • Gift items will be delivered from February 21 to the Mog Houses of characters created prior to 2/18/2008.
  • If you are planning to utilize the World Transfer service, please be sure to accept delivery of the gift items beforehand. Your eligibility to receive the items will be lost following the transfer.

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