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Dormant Powers Dislodged

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Dormant Powers Dislodged.jpg
Dormant Powers Dislodged
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 86+
Starting NPC Nomad Moogle, Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The nomad moogle has invited a Tarutaru of questionable affiliation to supervise his latest physical enhancement project. Acquire the items requested as well as ten merit points if you have the stomach to proceed.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Beyond the Stars Prelude to Puissance
10 Merit Points, 1 Kindred's Crest, 1 random low-level quest/mission item as outlined below.
Soul gem, Raises level cap to 95.


  • Trade 1 Kindred's Crest and the requested item to the Nomad Moogle while having 10 merit points.
  • Speak the the Nomad Moogle again to begin a mini-game.
  • When the Nomad Moogle tells you to start, wait ten seconds and then select "Push!".
    • If you are too fast or slow you get to repeat the process.
    • Each time the Nomad Moogle says "..." that counts off one second. For example, the fifth "..." would be the fifth second into the 10 seconds timer.
    • After the screen shows close up's of the participants, it will show a close up of you, once the scene changes to the close up of you, press enter to "Push!"


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