Drain Samba

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Job Ability Information
Job Dancer
Type Level  
Level Obtained 5
Description Inflicts the next target you strike with Drain daze, allowing all those engaged in battle to drain its HP.
Duration 00:02:00
Recast 00:01:00 (Samba)
Cost 100TP
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 300
Command /ja "Drain Samba" <me> 
Job Points
Category Samba Duration Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase duration by 2 seconds.


  • Drains approximately between 1 and 50% Question of damage dealt in HP, up to some limit determined your weapon's effective delay.
  • The various equipment that modifies Sambas is listed on the Samba category page.



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