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Dual Wield

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Job Trait Information
Description Allows you to equip two weapons.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I NIN10, DNC20, BLU80*, THF83 10%
II NIN25, DNC40, BLU89*, THF90 15%
III NIN45, DNC60, BLU99*, THF98 25%
IV NIN65, DNC80, BLU99*, THF99*** 30%
V NIN85, BLU99**, DNC99*** 35%
VI BLU99** ~37%
Blue Mage Job Trait
Notes * Requires the setting of appropriate spells to receive the trait.

** Requires the 100 or 1,200 Blue Mage job gift.


[***] Requires 550 Job Gift.

  • Allows two one-handed weapons to be used at once.
  • Reduces the combined delay of these weapons by the Dual Wield % listed above.
      • (Delay1 + Delay2) × (1 - Dual Wield %) ÷ 2 = New Delay per Hand
      • TP/hit is calculated using the above delay instead of the weapons' listed delays.
  • This job ability is one of the most potent ways of increasing DPS, but it is subject to the delay cap as follows:
    • (1 - Dual Wield %) × (1 - Haste %)  ≥  0.2
    • Because Dual Wield reduces TP/hit, it is more desirable to reach the delay cap through Haste than Dual Wield.

Blue Mage Job Trait Information
Minimum Set Points Needed 4
Trait Points Needed per Tier 8
Level Spell Set Points Trait Points
79 Animating Wail 5 4
80 Blazing Bound 3 4
85 Quad. Continuum 4 4
89 Delta Thrust 2 4
91 Mortal Ray 4 4
99 Barbed Crescent 2 4
99 Molting Plumage 6 8


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Sarashi Dual Wield +1%
Ninja Chainmail Dual Wield +5%
Ninja Chainmail +1 Dual Wield +5%
Koga Hakama Dual Wield +5%
Koga Hakama +1 Dual Wield +5%
Suppanomimi Dual Wield +5%
Charis Necklace Dual Wield +3%
Auric Dagger Dual Wield +5%
Raider's Boomerang Dual Wield +3%
Nusku's Sash Dual Wield +5%
Iga Zukin +2 Dual Wield +5%
Iga Mimikazari Dual Wield +1%
Charis Casaque +1 Dual Wield +5%
Charis Casaque +2 Dual Wield +10%
Koga Chainmail +2 Dual Wield +3%
Koga Hakama +2 Dual Wield +7%
Patentia Sash Dual Wield +5%
Uguisu Dual Wield +Question%
Skadi's Cuirie +1 Dual Wield +7%
Thurandaut Chapeau Dual Wield +5%
Thurandaut Chapeau +1 Dual Wield +5%
Hachiya Chainmail Dual Wield +7%
Hachiya Chainmail +1 Dual Wield +8%
Hachiya Hakama Dual Wield +3%
Hachiya Hakama +1 Dual Wield +3%
Mochizuki Chainmail Dual Wield +6%
Mochizuki Hakama Dual Wield +7%
Haverton Ring Dual Wield +5%
Haverton Ring +1 Dual Wield +6%
Prismatic Key Dual Wield +3%
Iga Garb Set Plus 2 Occasionally adds an extra attack with the offhand
Atma of the Illuminator Dual Wield +1%


Dual Wield Cheatsheet

Below is a table that will shows how much gear DW you will need with your current job's DW Tier and how much Haste you are receiving. Values listed are for capped gear haste (25%).

Magic Haste
0% 10% 15% 30% Cap
DW Job Tier
T1(10) 64 60 57 46 26
T2(15) 59 55 52 41 21
T3(25) 49 45 42 31 11
T4(30) 44 40 37 26  6
T5(35) 39 35 32 21  1
T6(37) 37 33 30 19  0

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