Early Bird Catches the Wyrm

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Battlefield Information
Type: Kindred Seal Notorious Monster
Entry Item: Themis Orb
Zone: Balga's Dais

Participants 18
Time Limit 30 minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Wyrm Check.gif Wyrm WAR 1

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
32,000 Gil divided evenly Item Reward Chest
Honey Wine Item Reward Chest
Juggernaut Axe Reward Chest
Speed Belt Waist Reward Chest
Grim Staff Staff Reward Chest
Prelatic Pole Staff Reward Chest
Grosveneur's Bow Marksmanship Reward Chest
Dreizack Polearm Reward Chest
Havoc Scythe Scythe Reward Chest
Unsho Katana Reward Chest
Leopard Axe Axe Reward Chest
Bayard's Sword Sword Reward Chest
Shinsoku Great Katana Reward Chest
Nokizaru Shuriken Throwing Reward Chest
Stylet Dagger Reward Chest
Guespiere Sword Reward Chest
Dragon Heart Item Reward Chest
Dragon Meat Item Reward Chest
Wyrm Beard Item Reward Chest
Angel Skin Item Reward Chest
Beetle Blood Item Reward Chest
Divine Log Item Reward Chest
Damascene Cloth Item Reward Chest
Damascus Ingot Item Reward Chest
Shining Cloth Item Reward Chest
Siren's Hair Item Reward Chest
Malboro Fiber Item Reward Chest
Philosopher's Stone Item Reward Chest
Phoenix Feather Item Reward Chest
Raxa Item Reward Chest
Hi-Reraiser Medicine Reward Chest
Hi-Ether +3 Medicine Reward Chest
Hi-Potion +3 Medicine Reward Chest
Vile Elixir +1 Medicine Reward Chest
Icarus Wing Medicine Reward Chest
Agility Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Strength Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Charisma Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Vitality Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Intelligence Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Mind Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Dexterity Potion Medicine Reward Chest


  • This fight is very similar to fighting Tiamat.
  • When it's HP gets to about 66%, it will fly and will not come back down until it's HP is at about 33%.
    • While in the air melee attacks will not hit, however Magic/Ranged/Avatars can still do damage.
    • In the air, it gains a new TP move Flame Blast. This does about 1,000 Fire damage and is an AoE.
  • When it lands it does Touchdown which does AoE damage.
  • It can use Spike Flail, so make sure everyone in the alliance stands on its feet.
  • Have tanks build as much hate as possible while you work its HP down to 66%, and consider forcing it below 66% with a Skillchain.
    • He must walk back to the center of the fighting area in order to fly, so pulling him a little bit away and using Gravity can give you extra time to complete your skillchain.
  • It is most dangerous in the air, so have your damage dealers work to bring it down to the ground as fast as possible.
    • At level 95, Barfira from a good white mage is sufficient to negate most of the damage from him in the air.

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