Elementary, My Dear Sylvie

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Elementary, My Dear Sylvie
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 66+ Geomancer
Starting NPC Sylvie, Western Adoulin (I-5)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Geomancipator
Repeatable No
Description Sylvie's father, Hostenn, has volunteered to give you advanced geomancy lessons. Find him in the first frontier bivouac in Morimar Basalt Fields, and you may learn something that will further the limits of your geomantic prowess.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Dances with Luopans New Worlds Await
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Vessel of summoning
  • 3000 Bayld
  • Maximum level increased to 75 (if applicable)


  • You must have Geomancer set as your main job to get the starting cutscene from Slyvie (as well as you must be GEO to spawn the NM).
  • Speak to Sylvie (I-5) Western Adoulin then travel to (J-8) Morimar Basalt Fields.
    • Using the waypoint to travel to Bivouac #1 is the fastest way.
  • Speak to Dabnorrin (at Bivouac #1) and receive a Vessel of summoning before heading to (K-6) Morimar Basalt Fields.
  • The entrance is at (J-6) which leads to an area not shown on the map.
  • Click on the Primordial Convergence from the South or West to spawn Burgeoning Flames, a NM Fire Elemental. See the discussion page for strategies.
    • This is a solo fight. Others in the party cannot act on the NM except you.
    • You may call Trusts during this fight if you possess the "Rhapsody in Umber" key item.
    • It will not melee and instead spam low level Fire magic (Burn, Fire II, Fire III, Firaga II, etc).
    • You have ten minutes to defeat the NM and will lose access to your support job upon spawning (which will wipe your buffs).
    • The Burgeoning Flames has under 3800 HP.
    • Caution is advised as without buffs its spells can do close to 350 damage and it casts quickly.
    • Once the elemental appears your trusts disappear. Just summon the trusts again before engaging.
  • Click on the Primordial Convergence again for a cutscene and your reward.


  • Does not need to be completed (for level limit increasing) if the player has already completed New Worlds Await or better.

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