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Location: Bastok Markets - (H-8)
Type: Guild Union Representative
Description: Trades Guild Points for daily items and sells Guild equipment

Items Sold

Item Name

Price (Guild Points)

Guild Rank

Torrent Crystal 200 Novice
Inferno Crystal 200 Novice
Glacier Crystal 200 Novice
Cyclone Crystal 200 Novice
Terra Crystal 200 Novice
Plasma Crystal 200 Novice
Twilight Crystal 500 Novice
Aurora Crystal 500 Novice
Sheeting 10,000 Novice
Clockmaking 10,000 Novice
Chainwork 10,000 Novice
Gold Purification 40,000 Novice
Gold Ensorcellment 40,000 Novice
Goldsmith's Belt 10,000 Novice
Magnifying Spectacles 70,000 Journeyman
Goldsmith's Ring 80,000 Craftsman
Goldsmith's Apron 100,000 Artisan
Gemscope 50,000 Artisan
Fool's Gold 150,000 Veteran
Goldsmith's Sign 200,000 Veteran
Goldsmiths' Emblem 15,000 Veteran
Way of the Goldsmith 20,000 Veteran

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