Endeavoring to Awaken

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Endeavoring to Awaken
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Octavien, Eastern Adoulin (I-8)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Trialed-and-True Runeist
Repeatable No
Description Those who have attained a certain degree in the runic arts are oft asked to undergo the "Trial of Reason," which is held in the subterranean Watergarden Coliseum. Clash swords with one of the Order of Orvail's finest and fulfil your destiny.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Children of the Rune New Worlds Await
Forging New Bonds
Rune Fencer Level 66+
3000 bayld, Maximum level increased to 75


You must have Rune Fencer set as your main job to get the starting cutscene from Octavien.

  • Speak to Octavien to receive the key item "Ephemeral Endeavor", then travel to Rala Waterways M-6 (Enter from Eastern Adoulin F-7).
  • The fight is triggered by speaking to Yeggha Dolashi and clicking the door behind her which will send you to Rala Waterways (U).
  • After ascending the stairs Zurko-Bazurko will spawn and attack. He has under 1100 HP.
  • In the center of the arena, Sverdheid ??? waits and appears to be non-aggressive, giving you time to buff/heal.
    • Dealing approximately 3700 points of damage will cause her to surrender; her maximum health is roughly 4000 HP.
      • Should you fail to complete the fight you must wait one game day to receive another "Ephemeral Endeavor" or give Octavien either 50,000 gil; 5,000 bayld; or 10 beastmen's seals.
  • Clearing the fight will award you with "Enlightened Endeavor".
  • Return to Octavien for your reward.
  • Speaking to Octavien again will allow you to receive another "Ephemeral Endeavor" to rechallenge the fight (without Zurko-Bazurko).


  • Does not need to be completed (for level limit increasing) if the player has already completed New Worlds Await or better.

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