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Introduced in the February 2017 Version Update[1], Escutcheons are classified as "Ultimate Synthesis Equipment" by the developers. These were teased at first in the November 2016 Freshly Picked Vana'diel livestream[2]. When fully completed, each shield will has a unique design and is a powerful crafting tool.

There are four phases in which one must progress in order to fully complete a shield. This consists of countless hours spent crafting and gathering various materials to finally synthesize the shield each time from it's component parts.

The basic gist of completing a crafting shield is to do the following:

  • Craft normal items while wearing the shield in order to skill it up.
  • Earn around a million or more Guild Points in order to buy Analysis Crystals.
  • Use these Analysis Crystal to craft tons of Sets in order to earn Crafter Points.
  • Spend Crafter Points in exchange for materials to synthesize a shield upgrade.
  • Start the next phase while the shield levels even slower, and complete additional contracts from the guild master on top of the aforementioned in progressively increased amounts and repeat until finished.
    • Basically you will be synthing tons of items for a long time. This is the equivalent of an Ultimate Weapon crafting equivalent.

Beginning the Quest

In order to begin creating your shield, you must first achieve the Expert rank in a craft and have completed the Records of Eminence quest First Step Forward.
Speak to Mewk Chorosap in Port Jeuno at (G-8) after you have achieved this. She will explain the process to you briefly, and then give you a unique shield based on your Expert craft.

Craft Craftsmanship Shield
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Brewer's Aspis icon.png Brewer's Aspis
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Ossifier's Aspis icon.png Ossifier's Aspis
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Plaiter's Aspis icon.png Plaiter's Aspis
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Aspis icon.png Chef's Aspis
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Toreutic Aspis icon.png Toreutic Aspis
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Beveler's Aspis icon.png Beveler's Aspis
Smithing.gif Smithing Smythe's Aspis icon.png Smythe's Aspis
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Joiner's Aspis icon.png Joiner's Aspis

The next step is to trade the shield you received to your guild master. They will mention the recipe required to complete phase one and to synthesize your +1 skill shield. This will also unlock the Crafter Points system for you to begin accumulating points.

Ending the Quest

If you started the Escutcheon quest but wish to level a different craft, you must abandon the questline. Speak with Mewk Chorosap and tell her you wish to give up. She will ask three times if you truly wish to give up. After confirming, she will tell you to throw away your shield. Until you do these steps, you are not given the option to renounce your Artisian rank your first craft. Furthermore, you will only be able to level your new craft to 100.

Crafter Points

In order to accumulate Crafter Points, you deliver "sets" to your respective Guild. The maximum number of points you may possess is 50,000. In order to synth a set, you must use special crystals known as Analysis Crystals. Analysis crystals can be purchased from traditional Guild Point vendors for 450 Guild Points each (5,400 for a stack of 12).

Analysis Crystal
Pyre Crystal icon.png Pyre Crystal
Frost Crystal icon.png Frost Crystal
Vortex Crystal icon.png Vortex Crystal
Geo Crystal icon.png Geo Crystal
Bolt Crystal icon.png Bolt Crystal
Fluid Crystal icon.png Fluid Crystal
Glimmer Crystal icon.png Glimmer Crystal
Shadow Crystal icon.png Shadow Crystal

To see your specific craft's set recipes, please view them on the main craft's page at the following links:

"Set" Recipes

Alchemy Sets
Bonecraft Sets
Clothcraft Sets
Cooking Sets
Goldsmithing Sets
Leathercraft Sets
Smithing Sets
Woodworking Sets

Making kits with your crafting shield on will add percentage tally points to your shield if it is equipped, as with regular crafting recipes. This is a bad idea though if your shield has success down on it.

Each set you make is tagged with a 'quality' and they do not stack, even with the same quality. The quality determines how many Crafter Points you get for turning it in.

The points you receive are related to synthesis result quality and the set's listed level, but are random within a range. Furthermore, the higher the set level, the more points each one is worth on each tier.

Data from 2 characters reveals some rough tiers:

  • NQ ranges from ~65-78% (e.g. 46-55 for a Smithing Set 71)
  • HQ1 ranges from ~97-112%
  • HQ2 ranges from ~116-130%
  • HQ3 ranges around 144-155%

As data is limited these should only be taken as rough guidelines when planning, however a Blacksmith at Tier 2 on the 71 set required 191 successful trade-ins to reach 11,000 points.

Note the HQ Signature crystal has a white border like HQ+1 items, while the artisan crystals to make kits are blue-bordered like HQ+2 items, which helps to identify the difference when selecting between them.

Phase One

Improving your Craftsmanship

You will now need to improve your "Craftsmanship" skill listed on your shield to 100%. Every shield starts off with Synthesis success rate -30, and gradually it decreases the higher your Craftsmanship percentage increases. Every successful synthesis will increase your percentage by a fraction of a percent. It is suggested to use the Ionis bonus, Kitron Macaron, Orvail Ring, and Artificer's Ring when you are starting out and this percentage is still high.

It seems best to rotate between three different synths, as you will receive higher increases. Verification Needed High Quality synthesis will result in a slightly higher percentage increase than Normal Quality.

  • It seems that even rotating between 3 synths, at a certain point there is diminishing returns.
    • NQ results seem to range from 0.0 to 0.5 and HQ ranges from 0.5 to 1.0.
      • After a large number of rotating geode synths, 0.0 NQs and 0.5 HQs were common.
        • Note that HQ2 and HQ3 seem to have a higher 'lower bound' and are around 0.6 and 0.8 regardless of number of synths. Hitting the special bonus brings it above the minimum Verification Needed.
    • Overall, at a T3 HQ rate you will need roughly 200 successful synthesis results to reach your goal if cycling between 3+ recipes.

You will also notice that there are certain objectives that appear on your shield as you craft. These give bonus percentage pointsVerification Needed, but are not required to be completed and sometimes are very demanding. The objectives change every few synthesis attempts. (It is possible for it to change on a break.)

Some of the possible objectives appearing may be:
  • - Nothing -
  • Perform a synthesis. (any level of that craft.)
  • Use 2+ materials.
  • Use 3+ materials.
  • Use 4+ materials.
  • Use 5+ materials.
  • Use 6+ materials.
  • Use 7+ materials.
  • Craft on specific day, i.e. Firesday, Lightsday, etc...
  • Craft at specific time frame, i.e. between 6:00 and 17:59 game time, etc...
  • Craft using a specific element crystal, i.e. wind crystal, earth crystal, etc...
  • Make specific rank/ranks recipe, i.e. Expert or higher, Recruit/Initiate, Veteran, Novice/Apprentice, Artisan/Adept, etc...

After you hit 100% Craftsmanship, trade the shield to your guild master.

  • You will receive the first required ingredient: Craftsman's Crystal: <Craft>.
    • Your craftsmanship skill will also decrease on your shield by one-third (33.33%) to 66.66%
      • If you fail the attempt to make the +1 craft shield and lose the Craftsman: Crystal <Craft>, then you will need to relevel it back up to 100% to get another crystal from the Guild NPC.
Craft Crystal Material
Alchemy.gif Alchemy C. Crystal- Alch. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Alchemy
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft C. Crystal- Bone. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Bonecraft
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft C. Crystal- Cloth. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Clothcraft
Cooking.gif Cooking C. Crystal- Cook. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Cooking
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing C. Crystal- Gold. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Goldsmithing
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft C. Crystal- Leath. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Leathercraft
Smithing.gif Smithing C. Crystal- Smith. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Smithing
Woodworking.gif Woodworking C. Crystal- Wood. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Woodworking

The next step to upgrade your shield is to earn Crafter Points., as you will require two "Mythril Screw: Craft" (3,000 Crafter Points each) and one "Camphor: Craft" (5,000 Crafter Points) to create your shield.
There no known daily limit of obtainable Crafter Points. The only roadblock is obtaining Analysis Crystals with Guild Points.

These three crafter point items will cost a total of 11,000 Crafter Points.

Crafter Point Items Cost

Mythril Screw: Alchemy
Mythril Screw: Bonecraft
Mythril Screw: Clothcraft
Mythril Screw: Cooking
Mythril Screw: Goldsmithing
Mythril Screw: Leathercraft
Mythril Screw: Smithing
Mythril Screw: Woodworking

3,000 Crafter Points

Camphor: Alchemy
Camphor: Bonecraft
Camphor: Clothcraft
Camphor: Cooking
Camphor: Goldsmithing
Camphor: Leathercraft
Camphor: Smithing
Camphor: Woodworking

5,000 Crafter Points

Phase One Completion

Complete phase one by synthesizing your shield with the five required materials. It is unknown, but likely, you can fail. Be sure to use Ionis, Artificer's Ring, your craft-specific NQ ring and Kitron Macaron bonuses to help with success. You CAN skill up during the synth. Square Enix has officially confirmed that through Phase 3, only the Synthesis Crystal can be lost during typical synthesis conditions.
All materials CAN be lost by moving zones during the synth such as the Airship or Ferry departing. Note that you also CAN SELL the ingredients to NPCs too, so be careful!

The list of completed phase one shields are shown below. View their page for the specific synthesis recipe.

Craft Phase One Shield
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Brewer's Ecu icon.png Brewer's Ecu
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Ossifer's Ecu icon.png Ossifier's Ecu
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Plaiter's Ecu icon.png Plaiter's Ecu
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Ecu icon.png Chef's Ecu
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Toreutic Ecu icon.png Toreutic Ecu
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Beveler's Ecu icon.png Beveler's Ecu
Smithing.gif Smithing Smythe's Ecu icon.png Smythe's Ecu
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Joiner's Ecu icon.png Joiner's Ecu

To finish up Phase One, trade your completed Ecu to your Guild Master who will then instruct you to trade it back to Mewk Chorosap. To proceed to Phase Two you must zone or she will say she needs more time.

Phase Two

Starting Phase Two

Return to Mewk Chorosap and trade the Ecu to her to begin Phase 2. Much like Phase 1 you will raise your craftsmanship from 0-100%. UNLIKE Phase 1 you will have the "Crafting Skill +1" to start with and every 6% of Craftsmanship you obtain, the shield will GAIN an additional "Synthesis Success -1" up to a maximum of "Synthesis Success -15" once you reach 100% Craftsmanship.
After obtaining 100%, like before trade your Ecu to your guild leader and receive your Craftsman's Crystal.

  • Your shield will drop down to 80% after obtaining the crystal.
NOTE: It is strongly recommended you look at the following requirements and ensure you have all ingredients ready to go and sufficient crafting points before proceeding to rank up your shield. Otherwise, you will end up with a shield that gives +1 Craft Skill but lowers success rate. Until you can finish the process, you'll be worse off than before. That said even at 100% and success rate -15 it is manageable with kitron macaron, ionis, and success-rate crafting rings for the cheaper synths.
Craft Crystal Material
Alchemy.gif Alchemy C. Crystal- Alch. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Alchemy
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft C. Crystal- Bone. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Bonecraft
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft C. Crystal- Cloth. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Clothcraft
Cooking.gif Cooking C. Crystal- Cook. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Cooking
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing C. Crystal- Gold. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Goldsmithing
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft C. Crystal- Leath. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Leathercraft
Smithing.gif Smithing C. Crystal- Smith. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Smithing
Woodworking.gif Woodworking C. Crystal- Wood. icon.png Craftsman's Crystal: Woodworking

To obtain the crafting specific Titanium Frame, you need to complete 4 Records of Eminence → Crafting Objectives:

To unlock these objectives, trade the Ecu to your guild master at any time and they will be able to be set.
The Objectives are to synthesize the item the required number of times.
Completing the first three objectives rewards 5,000 Guild Points each, for a total of 15,000 GP.
# Alchemy.gifAlchemy Objectives Bonecraft.gifBonecraft Objectives Clothcraft.gifClothcraft Objectives Cooking.gifCooking Objectives Goldsmithing.gifGoldsmithing Objectives Leathercraft.gifLeathercraft Objectives Smithing.gifSmithing Objectives Woodworking.gifWoodworking Objectives
1 Alchemy Set 65 x12 Bonecraft Set 65 x12 Clothcraft Set 64 x12 Cooking Set 65 x12 Goldsmithing Set 65 x12 Leathercraft Set 66 x12 Smithing Set 65 x12 Woodworking Set 65 x12
2 Sekishitsu x20 Darksteel Shield x20 War Shinobi Gi x20 Humpty Dumpty x20 Sha'ir Manteel x20 Wivre Shield x20 Adaman Cuisses x20 Rosenbogen x20
3 Cermet Kukri +1 x10 Coral Greaves +1 x10 Silk Cloak +1 x10 Patlican Salata +1 x10 Gold Patas +1 x10 Feral Gloves x10 Mikazuki +1 x10 Pluto's Staff x10
4 Cutlass +1 x5 Merman's Leggings x5 Arhat's Jinpachi +1 x5 Marinara +1 x5 Brass Jadagna +1 x5 Silk Pumps +1 x5 Hara-Ate +1 x5 Couse +1 x5
T. Frame- Alch. icon.png Titanium Frame: Alchemy
T. Frame- Bone. icon.png Titanium Frame: Bonecraft
T. Frame- Cloth. icon.png Titanium Frame: Clothcraft
T. Frame- Cook. icon.png Titanium Frame: Cooking
T. Frame- Gold. icon.png Titanium Frame: Goldsmithing
T. Frame- Leath. icon.png Titanium Frame: Leathercraft
T. Frame- Smith. icon.png Titanium Frame: Smithing
T. Frame- Wood. icon.png Titanium Frame: Woodworking
The guild master will only accept the NQ Item.
The guild master will only accept the HQ Item.

After obtaining the Crystal and Frame you will need to purchase a Gold Screw and Camphor.

These two crafter point items will cost a total of 13,000 Crafter Points.

Crafter Point Items Cost

Gold Screw: Alchemy
Gold Screw: Bonecraft
Gold Screw: Clothcraft
Gold Screw: Cooking
Gold Screw: Goldsmithing
Gold Screw: Leathercraft
Gold Screw: Smithing
Gold Screw: Woodworking

8,000 Crafter Points

Camphor: Alchemy
Camphor: Bonecraft
Camphor: Clothcraft
Camphor: Cooking
Camphor: Goldsmithing
Camphor: Leathercraft
Camphor: Smithing
Camphor: Woodworking

5,000 Crafter Points

Phase Two Completion

The list of completed second phase shields are shown below. View their page for the specific synthesis recipe.

Craft Phase Two Shield
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Brewer's Scutum icon.png Brewer's Scutum
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Ossifier's Scutum icon.png Ossifier's Scutum
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Plaiter's Scutum icon.png Plaiter's Scutum
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Scutum icon.png Chef's Scutum
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Toreutic Scutum icon.png Toreutic Scutum
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Beveler's Scutum icon.png Beveler's Scutum
Smithing.gif Smithing Smythe's Scutum icon.png Smythe's Scutum
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Joiner's Scutum icon.png Joiner's Scutum

It was confirmed by the developers that the Titanium Frames cannot be lost during the Phase 2 synthesis.

To finish up Phase Two, trade your completed Scutum to your Guild Master who will then instruct you to trade it back to Mewk Chorosap.

Phase Three

Starting Phase Three

To begin Phase Three speak to Mewk Chorosap in Port-Jeuno with your completed phase 2 Scutum equipped, she will ask to borrow the shield, unequip your Scutum and trade it to her.
Here she will describe the process and the materials needed for the final synthesis to complete phase 3 and direct you to your guild master.

Increasing Craftsmanship

Unlike previous phases, repeating the same synth over and over is not the best way to raise craftsmanship. You should concentrate on completing the Craftsmanship Upgrade objectives on your shield as much as possible.
Performing a synthesis that does not match up with your objective (even if there is none) may cause you to gain a level of "Synthesis Success Down" added to your shield. This can happen regardless if your synthesis is an NQ, HQ or a break result. This amount has been observed to reach -20%, but may go even higher. Information Needed

The only way to get out of this hole and lower the "Synthesis Success Down" amount is to follow the bonus objective on the shield. This will remove one "Synthesis Success Down" level effect for each successful bonus completion.
The bonuses do not always change every completion, but are highly likely to. The bonuses have been observed to remain the same for 10 or more synths.

Like the previous phase, repeating the same recipe will gradually reduce the amount of craftsmanship you will receive on NQ results and eventually will be nothing gained. HQs will always give a small amount of skill based on if it is an HQ1, HQ2 or HQ3 result. You do, however, receive bonus craftsmanship skill points for completing your current shield objective. This bonus also does stack with HQ results. This proves to be the most efficient leveling technique.

Customer Requests

New to this phase are delivery orders requested by various NPCs around Vana'diel, some may be a simple turn in X amount of items to this NPC while others require you to craft the items within range of the NPC. The guild master will tell you if the contract needs to be crafting in range of the NPC immediately following the item request and NPC.

  • A dialog will be displayed in your chat log when you are in range for the traded items to count towards completion.
    • Items crafted outside of this range, or purchased separately, will not count. Be careful when progressing!
    • Trade items to NPC recipient before you leave the crafting area!
      • Leaving area, returning into it, and trading them the crafted item will not count, even if you had crafted it in the area previously.
    • HQ items will not count.

The items are divided into 4 categories per craft. To complete your 4 requests, you will have to do one synth from each category.
Some of the items may have materials that have rare or difficult to acquire materials. In this case, talk to the guild master and tell him that you've "had enough" and the contract will be cancelled.
Speak with the guild master again on the next game day and a new recipe from one of the categories you have failed to complete will be chosen at random.
Whenever you complete a recipe, all 3 recipes in that category are removed from the roulette.

Note: If the recipient NPC is in the same area as the guild master that issued the task, you will need to zone out and re-enter and talk to Guild Master, or he will not acknowledge the task completion until you do.

Alchemy.gif Alchemy
Group Items
A Saber x30, Cutlass x30, Jamadhars x40
B Bathtub x20, Fluoro-flora x50, Gallipot x90
C Ice Anima x700, Earth Anima x700, Water Anima x700
D Imperial Cermet x20, Glass Sheet x36, High Ebonite x36

Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft
Group Items
A Igqira Tiara x30,Demon Helm x60,Shade Tiara x80
B Dragon Mail x20,Demon's Harness x36,Igqira Weskit x40
C Darksteel Shield x30,Gavial Cuisses x32,Vexer Ring x50
D Beast Horn x380,Gelatin x400,Carap. Powder x500

Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft
Group Items
A Vermillion Cloak x24,Black Cloak x24,Noble's Tunic x24
B Vendor's Slops x30,Blessed Trousers x30,Silk Slops x45
C Sipahi Turban x24,Arhat's Sune-Ate x70,Errant Hat x80
D Silk Cloth x350,Hunter's Cotton x380,Velvet Cloth x400

Cooking.gif Cooking
Group Items
A Royal Omelette x80,Hedgehog Pie x100,Pork Cutlet x360
B Mushroom Sautee x75,Tavnazian Salad x100,Nopales Salad x90
C Seafood Paella x25,Soy Ramen x160,Arrabbiata x180
D Felicifruit Gelatin x200,Mille Feuille x300,Black Pudding x300
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing
Group Items
A Gold Gauntlets x50,Platinum Bangles x45,Barone Zucchetto x36
B Diamond Earring x40,Angel's Earring x40,Emerald Earring x40
C Topaz Ring x40,Spinel Ring x40,Sapphire Ring x40
D Aluminum Ingot x80,Gold Ingot x120,Platinum Ingot x70

Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft
Group Items
A Cardinal Vest x32,Jaridah Peti x20,Bison Jacket x32
B Tiger Trousers x36,Crow Hose x40,Battle Hose x40
C Radical Mantle x60,Koenigs Belt x30,Stirge Belt x100
D Smilodon Leather x400,Catobl. Leather x450,Buffalo Leather x120

Smithing.gif Smithing
Group Items
A Darksteel Cuirass x18,Shabti Cuisses x30,Butznar Shield x35
B Arasy Axe x20,Nohkux Axe x12,Nadziak x26
C Arasy Swordx22,Bihkah Sword x60,Uruz Blade x28
D Darksteel Ingot x200,Dark Scales x60,Dweomer Steel x280

Woodworking.gif Woodworking
Group Items
A Arasy Bow x30,Shigeto Bow x40,Gendawa x40
B Dispel Couse x60,Cermet Lance x60,Arasy Lance x12
C Saltwater Aquarium x40,Bay Aquarium x40,Reef Aquarium x40
D Mahogany Lumber x500,Ebony Lumber x450,Feyweald Lumber x410

There are four contracts in total. After completing them all, you will receive a C. M. Sheet- Alch. icon.png Chrome-Molybdenum Sheet and Sanukite- Alch. icon.png Sanukite Slab. If you lose either of these, you can purchase a new one for 15,000 Crafter Points.

You will need your phase 2 shield, the Craftsman's Crystal (obtained from the Guild Master after trading in your 100% craftsmanship shield), Chrome-Molybdenum Sheet and Sanukite Slab (obtained from the Guild Master after completing the 4 contracts), a piece of Sequoia, and two Platinum Screws (Crafter Points).

These three crafter point items will cost a total of 28,000 Crafter Points.

Crafter Point Items Cost

Platinum Screw: Alchemy
Platinum Screw: Bonecraft
Platinum Screw: Clothcraft
Platinum Screw: Cooking
Platinum Screw: Goldsmithing
Platinum Screw: Leathercraft
Platinum Screw: Smithing
Platinum Screw: Woodworking

10,000 Crafter Points

Sequoia: Alchemy
Sequoia: Bonecraft
Sequoia: Clothcraft
Sequoia: Cooking
Sequoia: Goldsmithing
Sequoia: Leathercraft
Sequoia: Smithing
Sequoia: Woodworking

8,000 Crafter Points

Phase Three Completion

The list of completed phase three shields are shown below. View their page for the specific synthesis recipe.

Craft Phase Three Shield
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Brewer's Shield icon.png Brewer's Shield
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Ossifier's Shield icon.png Ossifier's Shield
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Plaiter's Shield icon.png Plaiter's Shield
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Shield icon.png Chef's Shield
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Toreutic Shield icon.png Toreutic Shield
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Beveler's Shield icon.png Beveler's Shield
Smithing.gif Smithing Smythe's Shield icon.png Smythe's Shield
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Joiner's Shield icon.png Joiner's Shield

Next, trade your completed Shield to your Guild Master. They will reward you with the Key Item to synth Superior Level 3 equipment.

Craft Key Item
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Alchemist's argentum tome
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Boneworker's argentum tome
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Weaver's argentum tome
Cooking.gif Cooking Culinarian's argentum tome
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Goldsmith's argentum tome
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Tanner's argentum tome
Smithing.gif Smithing Blacksmith's argentum tome
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Carpenter's argentum tome

Finally, after speaking with your Guild Master, trade your shield to Mewk Chorosap to finish Phase 3.

Phase Four

Starting Phase Four

Speak to Mewk Chorosap in Port Jeuno to begin. You must zone first if you just completed phase three.

Afterwards, trade your shield to your Guild Master and then it is time to start the last journey back to 100% craftsmanship. Fortunately, this time your shield will not be plagued by success rate -% as your level.

Increasing Craftsmanship

This time around, you will not receive the synthesis success down effects on your shield. This means you can use it full time while you work on upgrading it. In lieu of that, you will only receive up to:

  • NQ: 0.00~0.10%
  • HQ1: 0.03~0.17%
  • HQ2: 0.05~0.17%
  • HQ3: 0.07%~0.17%

NQ results will still decrease until you receive no skill increase if the same recipe is repeated long enough. A variety of synths as well as meeting the shield objectives are in your best interest.
Craftsmanship bonuses are back and function in the same manner as they have before, but they only give a 0.04%~0.05% bonus which stacks with your NQ earnings and any potential HQ earnings.

You will need two A. Screw- Alch. icon.png Adamantite Screws, and one D. Frame- Alch. icon.png Duralumin Frame. These three crafter point items will cost a total of 70,000 Crafter Points.

Crafter Point Items Cost

Adamantite Screw: Alchemy
Adamantite Screw: Bonecraft
Adamantite Screw: Clothcraft
Adamantite Screw: Cooking
Adamantite Screw: Goldsmithing
Adamantite Screw: Leathercraft
Adamantite Screw: Smithing
Adamantite Screw: Woodworking

20,000 Crafter Points

Duralumin Frame: Alchemy
Duralumin Frame: Bonecraft
Duralumin Frame: Clothcraft
Duralumin Frame: Cooking
Duralumin Frame: Goldsmithing
Duralumin Frame: Leathercraft
Duralumin Frame: Smithing
Duralumin Frame: Woodworking

30,000 Crafter Points

Craftsman's Crystal

After you have raised the Craftsmanship rating on your shield to 100%, trade it to the guild master to be rewarded with a C. Crystal- Alch. icon.png Craftsman Crystal as in the previous phases. Your shield's craftsmanship rating will be reduced to 66.6%. However, this time you do not simply use it in a recipe as you did in the previous stages.

Return to Mewk Chorosap and trade her your C. Crystal- Alch. icon.png Craftsman Crystal. This will trigger a long cutscene in which she explains Synthesis Chains and Spirit.
You will have to imbue your Craftsman's Crystal with some amount of Spirit. The exact amount is unknown, and there does not appear to be any in-game meter tracking the amount of Spirit. You are notified when you increase Spirit, and by how much. However, you will have to keep track on your own.


Mewk may like to horse around, but obtaining Spirit is no jokeSpirit.jpg.

It is currently believed that you need to build your Spirit up to 128,000 to obtain your A. Crystal- Alch. icon.png Apex Crystal, based on estimates measuring the movement of the Transmutation bar by some players. See the talk page for further information.

Spirit is obtained from Synthesis Chains. Synthesis Chains are similar to skillchains where each Synthesis Chain corresponds to a skillchain property

  • Such as Induration, Reverberation, Darkness, etc, and have levels just like ordinary skillchains do.

Spirit Synthesis is not like normal synthesis, and is actually closer to Synergy. To initiate such a synthesis, you need to use the "Synthesis Focuser II" near Mewk Chorosap. Materials are stored within the Synthesis Focuser II (up to 255 of each).

You will need 3 ingredients for each synthesis: a crystal, a catalyst, and a Synthesis Chain Sphere.

  • Crystal: Ordinary crystals, trade to the Focuser to add to it's inventory.
  • Catalyst: Sold by Mewk Chorosap. There are 3 tiers of catalysts, with price in gil increasing per tier. The tier of catalyst must match up with the level of the Synthesis Chain Sphere for the synthesis to work.
    • For example, if using a Distortion (level 2 chain) sphere, you must use a tier 2 catalyst.
    • When you buy the catalyst from Mewk, she places them directly in the Focuser for you; they never appear in your inventory.
Catalyst Item Counterfeit Gil icon.png Cost
MC-I-SR01 300 Gil
MC-I-SR02 8,000 Gil
MC-I-SR03 40,000 Gil
  • Synthesis Chain Sphere: These may be traded between players, sold in bazaars, and bought from the Auction House under the category "Misc. 3".
    • You may also farm them yourself, and will probably have to.
    • Each sphere refers to one of the 14 types of skillchains.
      • Mewk will give you the recipes for two of these. A list are in the table below.

The skill level of these syths are unknown, but appear to be the same in all crafts.
Breaks are frequent, even with maximized skill and are believed to be desynthesis recipes.
An NQ/HQ1 result will produce a sphere corresponding to a level 1 skillchain, an HQ2 will result in a sphere corresponding to a level 2 skillchain of that same element, and an HQ3 will result in a sphere for Darkness or Light.

Spirit Sphere Synths

Below is a collection of spirit sphere synths. Select the table headers to sort:

Synth Element: Fire Element: Wind Element: Thunder Element: Light Sphere Results
Wind Crystal icon.png Ancient Papyrus icon.png Ancient Papyrus Impaction, Fragmentation, or Light
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Ancient Salt icon.png Ancient Salt Liquefaction, Fusion, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png Beryl Memosphere icon.png Beryl Memosphere Impaction, Fragmentation, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png Soiled Letter icon.png Soiled Letter Impaction, Fragmentation, or Light
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Bomb Coal icon.png Bomb Coal Liquefaction, Fusion, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png Bruised Starfruit icon.png Bruised Starfruit Transfixion, Fusion, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png Carbuncle's Ruby icon.png Carbuncle's Ruby Transfixion, Fusion, or Light
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Fetich Arms icon.png Fetich Arms Liquefaction, Fusion, or Light
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Fetich Legs icon.png Fetich Legs Detonation, Fragmentation, or Light
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Frayed Arrow icon.png Frayed Arrow Impaction, Fragmentation, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png Lucky Egg icon.png Lucky Egg Transfixion, Fusion, or Light
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Rusty Medal icon.png Rusty Medal Liquefaction, Fusion, or Light
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Shoalweed icon.png Shoalweed Detonation, Fragmentation, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png Star Spinel icon.png Star Spinel Impaction, Fragmentation, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png Test Answers icon.png Test Answers Impaction, Fragmentation, or Light
Wind Crystal icon.png White Memosphere icon.png White Memosphere Transfixion, Fusion, or Light
Synth Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Ice Element: Dark Sphere Results
Wind Crystal icon.png Colorful Hair icon.png Colorful Hair Compression, Gravitation, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Delkfutt Key icon.png Delkfutt Key Reverberation, Distortion, or Darkness
Wind Crystal icon.png Demon Pen icon.png Demon Pen Compression, Gravitation, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Desert Venom icon.png Desert Venom Reverberation, Distortion, or Darkness
Wind Crystal icon.png Elshimo Marble icon.png Elshimo Marble Scission, Gravitation, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Exoray Mold icon.png Exoray Mold Induration, Distortion, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Fetich Head icon.png Fetich Head Scission, Gravitation, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Fetich Torso icon.png Fetich Torso Reverberation, Distortion, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Giant Fish Bones icon.png Giant Fish Bones Induration, Distortion, or Darkness
Wind Crystal icon.png Indigo Memosphere icon.png Indigo Memosphere Reverberation, Distortion, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Magicked Steel icon.png Magicked Steel Ingot Scission, Gravitation, or Darkness
Wind Crystal icon.png Orcish Mail Scales icon.png Orcish Mail Scales Compression, Gravitation, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Rusty Key icon.png Rusty Key Induration, Distortion, or Darkness
Lightng. Crystal icon.png Scorpion Stinger icon.png Scorpion Stinger Scission, Gravitation, or Darkness
Wind Crystal icon.png Teal Memosphere icon.png Teal Memosphere Induration, Distortion, or Darkness
Wind Crystal icon.png Tonberry Board icon.png Tonberry Board Compression, Gravitation, or Darkness
Performing Synthchains

Initiating a synthesis chain is a lot like a skillchain. Combine an appropriate elemental crystal with two spheres that contain the essential elemental properties.
Try to avoid Light and Dark Crystals unless you are using Transfixion or Compression.

Note: Unlike ordinary skillchains you may not repeat level 1 synthchains over and over.

  • E.g Scission SC Icon.png Scission → Detonation SC Icon.png Detonation over and over will not work like it would with normal skillchains.

For Example:

Level 1 Synthchain:
Choose Wind Crystal icon.png Wind Crystal + Deton. Sphere icon.png Detonation Sphere, you will perform a wind synthesis. Follow this up by a Earth Crystal icon.png Earth Crystal + Sciss. Sphere icon.png Scission Sphere to create a Scission synthchain onto the device, which is a successful level 1 synthchain.
Continuing Level 1 Synthchain:
From here, you are able to then use a Fire Crystal icon.png Fire Crystal + Lique. Sphere icon.png Liquefaction Sphere to make a Liquefaction synthchain.
Upgrading to Level 2 Synthchain:
You may then follow with a Lightng. Crystal icon.png Lightning Crystal + Impac. Sphere icon.png Impaction Sphere to then create a level 2 Fusion synthchain.
Upgrading to Level 3 Synthchain:
After the above Fusion synthchain, you should then be able to use a Wind Crystal icon.png Wind Crystal + Fragm. Sphere icon.png Fragmentation Sphere to create a Light Synthchain.
Continuing Level 3 Synthchain:
You may then combine this with Light Crystal icon.png Light Crystal + Light Sphere icon.png Light Sphere for another Light synthesis chain.
Although this is technically Double Light, you only receive 15 spirit.

You may synthesize an HQ result while doing the synthesis. This will grant bonus spirit.

  • For example HQing a Tier 2 → 3 synthchain grants 23 spirit.

After the Transmution bar on the Synthesis Focuser II is filled, you will receive your craft's Apex Crystal.

Craft Crystal Material
Alchemy.gif Alchemy A. Crystal- Alch. icon.png Apex Crystal: Alchemy
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft A. Crystal- Bone. icon.png Apex Crystal: Bonecraft
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft A. Crystal- Cloth. icon.png Apex Crystal: Clothcraft
Cooking.gif Cooking A. Crystal- Cook. icon.png Apex Crystal: Cooking
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing A. Crystal- Gold. icon.png Apex Crystal: Goldsmithing
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft A. Crystal- Leath. icon.png Apex Crystal: Leathercraft
Smithing.gif Smithing A. Crystal- Smith. icon.png Apex Crystal: Smithing
Woodworking.gif Woodworking A. Crystal- Wood. icon.png Apex Crystal: Woodworking

This phase of the shield is now complete, and it is time to synthesize your final shield.

Phase 4 Completion

After completing your Apex Crystal, you will receive a cutscene with Mewk who will ask you to trade her the following:

  • Stage 3 Shield
  • Apex Crystal
  • Adamantite Screw x2
  • Duralumin Frame

After trading the items, she will request that you speak to your Guild Master.

Speaking to your Guild Master will grant you the aurum tome Key Item for your craft. They will order you to return to Mewk for the final ingredient.

Obtain your final ingredient, Guild Emblem: Craft from Mewk.

Perform your final shield synthesis and you will then have a completed Escutcheon.

Craft Final Phase Escutcheon
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Br. Escutcheon icon.png Brewer's Escutcheon
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Os. Escutcheon icon.png Ossifier's Escutcheon
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Pl. Escutcheon icon.png Plaiter's Escutcheon
Cooking.gif Cooking Chef's Escutcheon icon.png Chef's Escutcheon
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Tr. Escutcheon icon.png Toreutic Escutcheon
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Bv. Escutcheon icon.png Beveler's Escutcheon
Smithing.gif Smithing Sm. Escutcheon icon.png Smythe's Escutcheon
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Jo. Escutcheon icon.png Joiner's Escutcheon

Completed Shield Enchantment

The Enchantment effect is called Artisnal Knowledge. The effect lasts for 30 minutes with a recharge time of 60 minutes.

Having this effect on will cause all synthesis attempts that would normally have been Normal Quality, to instead be a guaranteed break. This is in exchange for a higher High Quality chance.

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