Exclusive Story: Swamp Stampede! (05/26/2008)

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Exclusive Story: Swamp Stampede! (05/26/2008)


Rumor has it that a large flock of chocobos has been seen galloping out at the Pashhow Marshlands at breakneck speed. But that's not all, readers. Our source tells us that a hodgepodge assemblage of monsters—yes, monsters—has also been witnessed thundering alongside these flightless avians with equally impressive tenacity. What in the name of Altana is going on?

While delving deep into this mystery, one of our reporters was able to make contact with an adventurer claiming insider status to this bizarre occurrence. Only on the condition of anonymity did this individual reluctantly agree to an interview. And now, for the first time, the nature of the secret conversation between our reporter and the adventurer known only as "Deep Moat" will be revealed to the public.

Click here to learn the shocking truth!

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