Exit the Gambler

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Exit the Gambler
Required Fame San d'Oria Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Aurege - Northern San d'Oria (F-3)
Pack None
Title Daybreak Gambler
Repeatable No
Description Varchet of the Carpenters' Guild has run off again. Find the slacker and get him back to work.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Various amount of Gil


  • Start the quest by talking to Aurege, who wants you to bring a slacker to work.
  • Varchet is located in Southern San d'Oria at (L-6) right next to the fountains.
  • You'll need to gamble against him. Each attempt against him costs 5 gil. Keep trading until you win.
    • Gambling against him is still possible after this quest is complete.
  • After winning, return and talk to Aurege for your reward.

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