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TP Multiplier (ƒTP) is a multiplier of your Base Damage when performing weapon skills and physical blue magic, or when Beastmaster Pets, Summoner's Avatars, and Puppetmaster's Automatons use their various TP abilities.
As the name implies, this is the function that relates your TP to a multiplier of the damage you would do. It should be noted that all WSs do not have changing ƒTP, and some may have other things that depend on TP (like Critical Hit Rate). As far as we know, you can use the same Linear Interpolation outlined below to determine the effects of different TPs on those weaponskills as well.

Calculating ƒTP

The value of TP multiplier grows linearly between 2 anchor points at 1000 - 2000 and 2000 - 3000 for WS, 0 - 1500 and 1500 - 3000 on physical blue magic. This value can be calculated using Linear Interpolation.

Linear Interpolation Formula:

PreviousAnchor is 1000 for TP between 1000 and 2000, 2000 for TP between 2000 and 3000
NextAnchor is 2000 for TP between 1000 and 2000, 3000 for TP between 2000 and 3000
dTP = diffence in TP between current TP and the previous anchor, ie 100 if TP is 1100, 500 if 1500, 100 if 2100... etc.
Equation: ƒTP(PreviousAnchor) + dTP * (ƒTP(NextAnchor) - ƒTP(PreviousAnchor))


The WS Calamity has the following ƒTP anchor values:
ƒTP(1000) = 1.00 = f100
ƒTP(2000) = 1.50 = f200
ƒTP(3000) = 4.00 = f300
f100 + 0.5 * (f200 - f100)
1.00 + 0.5 * (1.50 - 1.00)
1.00 + 0.5 * 0.5
1.00 + 0.25
f200 + 0.5 * (f300 - f200)
1.50 + 0.5 * (4.00 - 1.50)
1.50 + 0.5 * 2.5
1.50 + 1.25
Note that the slope of the ƒTP function for most WS does not change at 200%, so for those WS the formula can be simplified.

Additional Attacks

For 1H and 2H Melee Weapons Skills Hits after the first (be it from double attack, triple attack or WSs that naturally hit more than once), all have an ƒTP of 1.0. Furthermore, only the first hit's ƒTP is increased in "Damage varies with TP" Weaponskills.

For certain Weapon Skills and most physical blue magics, the first hit's ƒTP is mirrored by all future hits (this includes the boost to ƒTP from Elemental Gorgets and Belts). The weapon skills and pet abilities that follow this rule have it noted on their pages and are a part of Category:FTP Replicating WS.

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