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Location: Al Zahbi - (G-6)

Item Name

Price (Imperial Standing)


Instant Reraise 7 Common Items
Instant Warp 10 Common Items
Lambent Fire Cell 100 Common Items
Lambent Earth Cell 100 Common Items
Lambent Wind Cell 100 Common Items
Katana Strap 20,000 Common Items
Axe Grip 20,000 Common Items
Staff Strap 20,000 Common Items
Heat Capacitor 5,000 Common Items
Power Cooler 5,000 Common Items
Barrage Turbine 5,000 Common Items
Galvanizer 5,000 Common Items
Ephramadian Throne 50,000 Common Items
Map of Mamook 1,000 Private Second Class
Map of Halvung 1,000 Private Second Class
Map of Arrapago Reef 1,000 Private Second Class
Volunteer's Dart 2,000 Private First Class
Mercenary's Dart 2,000 Private First Class
Imperial Dart 2,000 Private First Class
Mamoolbane 4,000 Superior Private
Lamiabane 4,000 Superior Private
Trollbane 4,000 Superior Private
Luzaf's Ring 4,000 Superior Private
Sneaking Boots 8,000 Lance Corporal
Trooper's Ring 8,000 Lance Corporal
Sentinel Shield 8,000 Lance Corporal
Shark Gun 16,000 Corporal
Puppet Claws 16,000 Corporal
Singh Kilij 16,000 Corporal
Mercenary's Trousers 24,000 Sergeant
Multiple Ring 24,000 Sergeant
Haten Earring 24,000 Sergeant
Volunteer's Brais 32,000 Sergeant Major
Priest's Earring 32,000 Sergeant Major
Chaotic Earring 32,000 Sergeant Major
Perdu Hanger 40,000 Chief Sergeant
Perdu Sickle 40,000 Chief Sergeant
Perdu Wand 40,000 Chief Sergeant
Perdu Bow 40,000 Chief Sergeant
Perdu Sword 48,000 Second Lieutenant
Perdu Blade 48,000 Second Lieutenant
Perdu Voulge 48,000 Second Lieutenant
Perdu Staff 48,000 Second Lieutenant
Perdu Crossbow 48,000 Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant's Gorget 56,000 First Lieutenant
Lieutenant's Sash 56,000 First Lieutenant
Lieutenant's Cape 56,000 First Lieutenant

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