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<Heading about Far Eastern lore and culture here>

Items and Equipment Related to the Far East

Banishing Charm :

Bream Sushi :

Carp Sushi :

Damp Scroll :

Datechochin :

Dorado Sushi :

Habu Skin :

Garlic Cracker :

Konron Hassen :

Konron Inaho :

Meifu Goma :

Moon Ball :

Muteppo :

Oriental Steel : "Scrap iron forged in a method from a far-eastern country."

Ouka Ranman :

Shrimp Cracker :

Sole Sushi :

Spicey Cracker :

Squid Sushi :

Sticky Rice :

Tama-Hagane : "A lump of steel wrought in a manner taught in a land far to the east."

Tarutaru Rice : "This grain is imported to Sarutabaruta from a land far to the east."

Tuna Sushi : "Sliced, raw tuna served on a small portion of sweet vinegar rice--a popular dish in the eastern empire."

Zoni : "A tasty soup served on special occasions. Its origins are in the Far East."

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In Game References to the Far East

Promathia Mission 4-3: "She is such a demanding young lady. And I believed the imperious princesses of the Far East were hard on their subjects!"

Qhum Knaidjn: "Stewpot Mastery is a special technique used by chefs in the Eastern empire to create amazing stewpots that everyone can enjoy!"

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<NPC/Mission/Quest where reference appears> : "Quote"

<NPC/Mission/Quest where reference appears> : "Quote"

Other Related Information

Vana'diel Tribune: The Wide World of Vana'diel:

"Did you know that beyond the sea lies the Far East? Its unique culture is becoming popular among adventurers.

"The jobs 'samurai' and 'ninja' came from the Far East." "'Bushido' and 'shinobi' and all that stuff are sooo cool! I want a boyfriend like that!"

"Maina, do you know anything else about the Far East?" "Um, you mean like the Doll Festival and Feast of Swords?" "Hm, you may be smarter than you look." "Of course! I even know about Far Eastern food! Rice balls and sushi! Putting rice and other ingredients together was a great idea!"

"Well, you're just a wellspring of knowledge, aren't you?"

"Oh, and I bet you didn't know this! 'Far East' is actually a trendy word describing the direction they shave hair to make a topknot--It's totally 'Far East'!"


"People who live in the Far East all wear topknots! That's why everyone calls their country the "Far East." It's just the way their heads are shaved! Geesh, I thought everyone knew that."

It can't be real. Nobody can possibly be this stupid. "

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