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Event Period

Thursday, April 27 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Wednesday, May 10 at 7:59 a.m.


How to Partake of the Feast:

Acquire an Ibushi Shinai Ibushi Shinai icon.png

Speak with one of the event moogles stationed in the following areas to procure one.

Imbue your Ibushi Shinai with moogle magic

Speak with one of your friendly neighborhood moogles in one of the areas listed below.

You will be synced to level 1 after this and gain flee.

Seek out the armor-thieving brigands

The thieves will do their utmost to evade your clutches, so join forces with your comrades to put a stop to their shenanigans!

The enemy Armor will patrol the zone. Each have a certain area they will roam around in. The exception is the Omodaka Armor. Which roams the entire zone.

Beware the Omodaka Armor (mithra) as it has a 40' aggro range and an even further linking range.

  • Aggroing an Armor with an Automaton then running back to the safety of the zone line may be a safer way to handle pulling. You can not use Retrieve at this level so you must rest then stand back up.

The Omodaka Armor is vastly stronger than the other armors. While the others will attack for 1-4 damage the Omodaka will one shot players with ~50+ damage a hit.
Fighting the Omodaka Armor grants a special message when absorbing malice, but does not actually grant any bonus. Avoid the Omodaka unless you and an alliance are bored.

Absorb foes' malicious auras

Foes equipped with Genji equipment will unleash terrifying weaponskills upon you, so counter them with the enchantment of your Ibushi Shinai at just the right moment!

You must have your Ibushi Shinai on and use it as an item in order to stop the Armor's TP moves (40' AoE). The following macro may be of use:

/item "Ibushi Shinai" <me>

TP Moves:

  • Aetheral Toxin - Use your Ibushi Shinai immediately.
  • Edge of Death - Use your Ibushi Shinai in ~5 seconds after the move starts readying.

If you accidentally start using your Shinai you may move quickly to interrupt it.

Vanquish the Villains!

When the battle has been won, trade your shinai to the ??? that has appeared in place of your vanquished foe. You just might be awarded a fabled blade for your feats of valor!

The ??? only remains briefly so don't dawdle.


  • Regen from the Field Manual after synching to level 1 helps tremendously.
  • Subbing PUP and using a Strobe and Auto-Repair Kit may also be a helpful choice.
    • Note: the automaton (and players in general) must take damage for the Armor to gain TP.
  • Being defeated removes the event status so reraise is worthless. Simply homepoint back and pick up where you left off.


The more points you receive the greater quality the item is. If only a few malice have been absorbed you will receive a lesser item such as a mochi.

Zoning and dying will not change your point tally. You may build points over multiple mobs. There is no message for your running point tally.

Possessing ~5+ points should be sufficient to obtain the higher quality items.

Feast of Swords Rewards
Item Notes
Ibushi Shinai description.png
  • Provided when speaking with the event Moogle in town.
8 pieces of
Elvaan Mochi description.png
8 pieces of
Galka Mochi description.png
8 pieces of
Hume Mochi description.png
  • Costume: Hume child.
8 pieces of
Tarutaru Mochi description.png
Fed. Stable Scarf description.png
Kgd. Stable Collar description.png
Rep. Stable Medal description.png
Shobuhouou Kabuto description.png
Ibushi Shinai +1 description.png

Fellow refers to Adventuring Fellow.

Shinai description.png
Lotus Katana description.png
Hardwood Katana description.png

Will first receive the Lotus Katana

Kabuto-kazari description.png
Katana-kazari description.png

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