Fiat Lux (B)

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Throne Room Area.jpg
Bastok-Flag.jpg Fiat Lux (B)
 Campaign Type:  Offensive operations
 Start NPC: Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) - (E-8)
 Campaign Rank: Medal of Altana §§§§
 Objective: Their stronghold surrounded, our enemy prepares to launch a desperate, deadly counteroffensive. This is where the battle will be won. For the future of Vana'diel, you must storm Castle Zvahl and remove the Shadow Lord from his false throne. Altana's blessing be with you!
 Time Limit:  30 Minutes  Recommended Lv.  75+
Special Event Rewards:

During Campaign Fiesta Only!


Note: This special campaign ops is only available when Throne Room (S) is under the control of Bastok.

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