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Finishing Moves are gained by successfully performing Steps or by using No Foot Rise, as follows:

  • Each successful Step grants 1 Finishing move, with an additional Finishing Move granted to Dancer if the Daze level of that Step was less than 5 before the Step.
  • No Foot Rise grants one Finishing move per merit level.
  • Dancers using Terpsichore gain an additional Finishing move per Step.

You are allowed to store up to 5 Finishing Moves, which can be used to perform Flourishes. Each Flourish has a unique effect and consumes a certain number or range of Finishing Moves to grant varying effects. Example: Animated Flourish has a minimum requirement of 1 Finishing Move for a weak Volatile Enmity gain, but will consume 2 Finishing moves and provide a stronger Volatile Enmity if you have 2 Finishing Moves.

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