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Fire and Brimstone

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Fire and Brimstone
Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 50+ Ranger
Starting NPC Perih Vashai, Windurst Woods (K-7)
Pack None
Title none
Repeatable Yes, after Memory reset
Description Go to Mhaura and meet Koh Lenbalalako. It is said that she knows the whereabouts of the sinner's daughter.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Sin Hunting
Old Earring
Hunter's Beret

You must change zones after completing Sin Hunting to start this quest!


  • Talk to Perih Vashai in Windurst Woods (K-7) and she will tell you to go to Mhaura and visit the Blacksmiths' guild.
  • In Mhaura head to (F-9) to speak with Koh Lenbalalako. Speak with her twice, the first time will just be her talking. The second time should get you a CS. This CS will tell you to head to Eldieme Necropolis.
  • Enter Eldieme Necropolis through Batallia Downs at (I-10) and get another CS with the Mithran Tracker telling you to examine the stone monuments in search of the name of the sinner's daughter. (You do not need to be on ranger for this part of the quest.)
  • Head to (G-9) and examine the Gravestone to trigger another CS with the Mithra Tracker.
  • After the CS head back to Windurst Woods and speak with Perih Vashai again.
  • You will get another CS with the Mithran Tracker, where you are told by Perih Vashai to head to Castle Oztroja to search a pool for an Old Earring.
    • Once in Castle Oztroja head to (I-8) on the first map, and hit the correct handle to go through the brass door.
    • On the second map, head to (I-10) to get the 4 switch password for the game day. Then head to the brass door at (G-8) and enter the 4 switch combination.
      • You can also just play around with it until it opens rather then go to the room at (I-10).
    • Head up the stairs to the third map where you'll find a pool of water with leeches in it at (H-9).
    • Use the job ability Scavenge until you get the Old Earring.
      • This may take more than one attempt. You can come as a high level job and sub Ranger for Scavenge, as you can obtain the earring this way.
  • Take the Old Earring and trade it to Perih Vashai for a cutscene and the Hunter's Beret.

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