Fisherman's Heart

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Fisherman's Heart
Required Fame Other Fame Level: 2
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Katsunaga, Mhaura - (H-9)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Bring Katsunaga a gugru tuna and he'll tell you all he knows about your fishing history.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Level 20 Fishing skill

Gugru Tuna
Fishing Statistics
Ability to unlock a Accuracy/Evasion Vorseal


  • Speak to Katsunaga.
  • Trade him a Gugru Tuna.
  • In exchange for the fish, he will give you a detailed report of your fishing history. This includes:
    • The number of times you have cast your line.
    • The number of times you caught a fish.
    • Your longest fish you've caught.
    • Your heaviest fish you've caught.
    • A complete list of each fish in the game and whether or not you have caught it.

Fish List

Page 1
Bibiki Urchin icon.png Bibiki Urchin Lamp Marimo icon.png Lamp Marimo Phanauet Newt icon.png Phanauet Newt Cobalt Jellyfish icon.png Cobalt Jellyfish Denizanasi icon.png Denizanasi Crayfish icon.png Crayfish Ulbukan Lobster icon.png Ulbukan Lobster Bibikibo icon.png Bibikibo
Bastore Sardine icon.png Bastore Sardine Hamsi icon.png Hamsi Senroh Sardine icon.png Senroh Sardine Moat Carp icon.png Moat Carp Bastore Sweeper icon.png Bastore Sweeper Ra. Shellfish icon.png Ra'Kaznar Shellfish Mackerel icon.png Mackerel Greedie icon.png Greedie
Page 2
Copper Frog icon.png Copper Frog Senroh Frog icon.png Senroh Frog Yellow Globe icon.png Yellow Globe Muddy Siredon icon.png Muddy Siredon Istavrit icon.png Istavrit Translucent Salpa icon.png Translucent Salpa Quus icon.png Quus Tiny Goldfish icon.png Tiny Goldfish
Forest Carp icon.png Forest Carp Cheval Salmon icon.png Cheval Salmon Contortopus icon.png Contortopus Yorchete icon.png Yorchete White Lobster icon.png White Lobster Fat Greedie icon.png Fat Greedie Moorish Idol icon.png Moorish Idol Gurnard icon.png Gurnard
Page 3
Tricolored Carp icon.png Tricolored Carp Nebimonite icon.png Nebimonite Blindfish icon.png Blindfish Pipira icon.png Pipira Tiger Cod icon.png Tiger Cod Elshimo Frog icon.png Elshimo Frog Caedarva Frog icon.png Caedarva Frog Bonefish icon.png Bonefish
Giant Catfish icon.png Giant Catfish Yayinbaligi icon.png Yayinbaligi Deademoiselle icon.png Deademoiselle Lungfish icon.png Lungfish Gigant Octopus icon.png Gigant Octopus Dark Bass icon.png Dark Bass Crystal Bass icon.png Crystal Bass Ogre Eel icon.png Ogre Eel
Page 4
Mussel icon.png Mussel Shining Trout icon.png Shining Trout Alabaligi icon.png Alabaligi Veydal Wrasse icon.png Veydal Wrasse Blowfish icon.png Blowfish Nosteau Herring icon.png Nosteau Herring Coral Butterfly icon.png Coral Butterfly Gugru Tuna icon.png Gugru Tuna
Lakerda icon.png Lakerda Brass Loach icon.png Brass Loach Zafmlug Bass icon.png Zafmlug Bass Ruddy Seema icon.png Ruddy Seema Gold Lobster icon.png Gold Lobster Istakoz icon.png Istakoz Black Eel icon.png Black Eel Yilanbaligi icon.png Yilanbaligi
Page 5
Cone Calamary icon.png Cone Calamary Kalamar icon.png Kalamar Icefish icon.png Icefish Frigorifish icon.png Frigorifish Sandfish icon.png Sandfish Giant Donko icon.png Giant Donko Duskcrawler icon.png Duskcrawler Ashen Crayfish icon.png Ashen Crayfish
Monke-Onke icon.png Monke-Onke Dragonfish icon.png Dragonfish Red Terrapin icon.png Red Terrapin Shall Shell icon.png Shall Shell Vongola Clam icon.png Vongola Clam Istiridye icon.png Istiridye Kaplumbaga icon.png Kaplumbaga Black Prawn icon.png Black Prawn
Page 6
Bluetail icon.png Bluetail Uskumru icon.png Uskumru Voidsnapper icon.png Voidsnapper Gold Carp icon.png Gold Carp Sazanbaligi icon.png Sazanbaligi Dragonfly Trout icon.png Dragonfly Trout Pelazoea icon.png Pelazoea Trilobite icon.png Trilobite
Thysanopeltis icon.png Thysanopeltis Elshimo Newt icon.png Elshimo Newt Bhefhel Marlin icon.png Bhefhel Marlin Kilicbaligi icon.png Kilicbaligi Trumpet Shell icon.png Trumpet Shell Yawning Catfish icon.png Yawning Catfish King Perch icon.png King Perch Malicious Perch icon.png Malicious Perch
Page 7
Noble Lady icon.png Noble Lady Betta icon.png Betta Shockfish icon.png Shockfish Crescent Fish icon.png Crescent Fish Zebra Eel icon.png Zebra Eel Bladefish icon.png Bladefish Rhinochimera icon.png Rhinochimera Dwarf Remora icon.png Dwarf Remora
Apkallufa icon.png Apkallufa Tavnazian Goby icon.png Tavnazian Goby Kayabaligi icon.png Kayabaligi Silver Shark icon.png Silver Shark Clotflagration icon.png Clotflagration Ca Cuong icon.png Ca Cuong Jungle Catfish icon.png Jungle Catfish Gavial Fish icon.png Gavial Fish
Page 8
Three-eyed Fish icon.png Three-eyed Fish Pirarucu icon.png Pirarucu Bloodblotch icon.png Bloodblotch Garpike icon.png Garpike Bastore Bream icon.png Bastore Bream Mercanbaligi icon.png Mercanbaligi Black Ghost icon.png Black Ghost Dorado Gar icon.png Dorado Gar
Grimmonite icon.png Grimmonite Ahtapot icon.png Ahtapot Emperor Fish icon.png Emperor Fish Gigant Squid icon.png Gigant Squid Morinabaligi icon.png Morinabaligi Megalodon icon.png Megalodon Black Sole icon.png Black Sole Dil icon.png Dil
Page 9
Tiger Shark icon.png Tiger Shark Pterygotus icon.png Pterygotus Takitaro icon.png Takitaro Sea Zombie icon.png Sea Zombie Titanictus icon.png Titanictus Kalkanbaligi icon.png Kalkanbaligi Turnabaligi icon.png Turnabaligi Armored Pisces icon.png Armored Pisces
Giant Chirai icon.png Giant Chirai Crocodilos icon.png Crocodilos Red Bubble-Eye icon.png Red Bubble-Eye Titanic Sawfish icon.png Titanic Sawfish Tricorn icon.png Tricorn Cave Cherax icon.png Cave Cherax Far East Puffer icon.png Far East Puffer Mola Mola icon.png Mola Mola
Page 10
Gerrothorax icon.png Gerrothorax Gugrusaurus icon.png Gugrusaurus Lik icon.png Lik Shen (fish) icon.png Shen (fish) Kokuryu icon.png Kokuryu Soryu icon.png Soryu Sekiryu icon.png Sekiryu Cameroceras icon.png Cameroceras
Ancient Carp icon.png Ancient Carp Hakuryu icon.png Hakuryu Tusoteuthis Longa icon.png Tusoteuthis Longa Phan. Serpent icon.png Phantom Serpent Ryugu Titan icon.png Ryugu Titan Abaia icon.png Abaia Quick. Blade icon.png Quicksilver Blade Matsya icon.png Matsya
Page 11
Remora icon.png Remora Dra. Tabernacle icon.png Dragon's Tabernacle Lord of Ulbuka icon.png Lord of Ulbuka


For easy means to reach 20 fishing skill, see the discussion tab.

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