Foret de Hennetiel

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Connected Zone Foret de Hennetiel Arrives at
Sih Gates H-9 Foret De Hennetiel Map.png F-11 Sih Gates Map.png
Sih Gates I-6 Foret De Hennetiel Map.png H-11 Sih Gates Map.png
Dho Gates E-4 Foret De Hennetiel Map.png L-6 Dho Gates Map v2.png
Dho Gates D-10 Foret De Hennetiel Map.png K-9 Dho Gates Map v2.png
Ergon Locus Location Notes
Fruit of Fecundity (F-5) Requires Watercrafting
Dragon Driftwood (E-11) Requires Watercrafting
Immaculate Sands (J-11) Requires Watercrafting
Torchbloom (K-7)
Zone Image
Japanese エヌティエル水林
Map Acquisition Sifa Alani (F-9)
Eastern Adoulin
Requires Seekers of Adoulin
Timeline Present
Continent Ulbuka
Region East Ulbuka Territory
Zone Type Field
Activities ReiveFishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Bivouac #1 Administrator 1 (G-6)
Bivouac #2 Administrator 1 (J-10)
Bivouac #3 Administrator 1 (H-9)
Bivouac #4 Administrator 1 (F-9)
Choubollet 1 (J-6) Starts I'm on a Boat
Delivery Specialist 1 (J-7) Frontier Station
Deumagneot 1 (J-7)
Name Map Pos. Notes
Fritha 1 (J-7) Starts and involved multiple quests
Inmot-Pinmot 1 (J-10) Starts Unsullied Lands
Jeggim 1 (F-9)
Nestroh 1 (H-9) Starts Orobon Appetit
Station Administrator 1 (J-7)
Station Worker 1 (J-6)
Ukhu Sichahha 1 (J-7)

Notorious Monsters


Historical Significance


Foret is comprised of several islands divided by a poisonous river. Its several islands can only be accessed by using a Watercraft and the "Watercrafting" survival skill granted by the quest I'm on a Boat. The area's Reives obstacles are trees which can serve as bridges once they are knocked over.


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