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Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Perih Vashai - Windurst Woods (K-7)
Pack Rise of the Zilart
Title None
Repeatable No
Description You are to undertake training to still the doubt within you. Use the bow you have been given until it no longer responds to your inner turmoil.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Archery skill 250+, Level 71


  • Breaking the Latent
  • You will know when the latent is broken if the elemental resistances disappear from your stats. You can also check by seeing if the bonus stats disappear when you unequip and reequip the Bow of Trials.
  • Take Silent Oil and Prism Powder with you and head to Kuftal Tunnel. Travel to (I-7) and north through the tunnel. Continue north; take no branches. At (I-4) the tunnel will loop down southward into a larger space, and you will need to curve immediately back up to the northwest. Exit Kuftal Tunnel into Cape Teriggan.
    • You can also use the Home Point to the Cloister of Gales at (F-5) (which is closer to the quest spot) or the Survival Guide located at the Outpost at (G-8).
  • Once you are at the Cape, travel to (G-7). This is where you will find the ??? to spawn the NM.
  • This fight is against Stolas, a Bird. It is weak to Ice. Once you kill it, re-examine the ??? to receive the key item Annals of Truth.
  • Go back and speak with Perih Vashai to receive your reward.

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