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Gate Guard Locations

  • Gate Guards offer a listing of missions that are available to you for your nation of allegiance based upon your current rank and rank points.
Nation Zone NPC Name Position
San d'Oria Southern San d'Oria Ambrotien (K-10)
Southern San d'Oria Endracion (F-9)
Northern San d'Oria Grilau (D-8)
Bastok Port Bastok Argus (L-7)
Bastok Markets Cleades (D-11)
Bastok Mines Rashid (H-10)
Metalworks Malduc (J-8)
Windurst Windurst Woods Rakoh Buuma (K-10)
Port Windurst Janshura-Rashura (B-5)
Windurst Waters Mokyokyo (F-5)
Windurst Walls Zokima-Rokima (H-7)

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