Gather: Dho Gates

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Gather: Dho Gates
Coalition Inventors' Coalition
Rank Partner
Type Gather Materials
Zone Doh Gates
Objective Procure 3 Slug Eyes
Rewards: EXP/Bayld
IMP x1 IMP x2 IMP x3 Treasure
2750 4950 6600


  • NPC asks you to obtain 3 Slug Eyes.
    • The NPC specifically notes it does not matter how the player obtains it. It can be bought, traded, or farmed.
  • Trade these to the NPC and then Report on the quest outcome.
  • The drop rate of slug eyes is universally bad for all slugs. It is best if you Despoil them.
    • Using and recalling the Nanaa Mihgo trust after she despoils one is the easiest method of completion if they are not available on the Auction House.


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