Ghoul (Pankration)

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Monster Information
Family: Skeleton
System: Undead
Starting Job(s): BLM DRK WAR Based on mob soul-captured.
Available Jobs: BLM DRK WAR
Feral Points (Level 10/25/50): 36/52/80

Special Information

Ghouls start as the Job of the ghoul-type Skeleton used to create the Soul Plate. This can be DRK, WAR, or BLM.

Rare Innate Feral Skills

Skill Feral Points
Unknown 0

TP moves used

Skill Temperment/Command Level Obtained
Hellslash Aggresive/show no mercy 0
Blood Saber Defensive/Block,Guard,Parry 0

Starting levels

Starting Level Monster
5 Lost soul
6 Fallen Knight, and Lich

Soul Plates Available

Critical rate bonus

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