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Ghoyu's Reverie

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One of the many beautiful waterfalls found in the depths of Ghoyu's Reverie.
Map of Ghoyu's Reverie

This Zone is Connected to

Zone Name


Sauromugue Champaign (S)
Fort Karugo-Narugo (S)

Zone Name


West Sarutabaruta (S)
Lower Jeuno (G-12)

Maps for Ghoyu's Reverie


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
[[]] [[]]

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Serket 80+ ?? Sandworm in Sound

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
[[ ]]
[[ ]]
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern


Type Battlefield Name Requirement Level Cap Time Limit Party Members
Quest A Manifest Problem Fort key
Battle System Moblin Maze Mongers N/A N/A 30 minutes 1-6
Battle System Meeble Burrows Adjunct, Assistant, or Instructor Rank Expeditions N/A 15 minutes 3-6


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