Gnat (MON)

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Species notes

Traits Monsterskills
Traits Monsterskills


Name Lv. TP CT Yalms Area Targets Description
Insipid Nip 1 100 Deals 150% physical damage. Additional effect: Steals an attribute at random.
Bombilation 10 150 Resets the TP of enemies around the caster.
Cimicine Discharge 20 150 Slows enemies around the caster. Grants the effect of "Haste".
Pandemic Nip Deals physical damage. Additional effect: Transfer one detrimental effect afflicting caster to an enemy.
Emetic Discharge Transfer one detrimental effect to enemies around the caster.
Booming Bomb. 60 180 AoE/self Deals light damage to enemies around the caster. Additional effects: Defense Down, Magic Def. Down, and Plague. Grants the effect of "Haste".

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