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When starting the game, the player is limited to 30 inventory slots in what is referred to as a Gobbiebag.
Players may increase their inventory by completing a series of quests for Bluffnix in Muckvix's Junk Shop located in Lower Jeuno at (H-9).

There are ten quests in all, increasing the player's Gobbiebag capacity by 5 slots each to a maximum of 80 slots. Each quest requires obtaining four items of increasing rarity and value and trading them to Bluffnix.

If the player has a Square Enix Security Token registered to their character's Square Enix Account, he or she will also have access to a Mog Satchel that is of the same size as the Gobbiebag on each character on that account.

The item Goblin Stew 880 icon.png Goblin Stew 880, obtained from Repeat Login Campaigns, or purchased from Green Thumb Moogle for 100,000g during Mog Gardens Campaigns, may be traded in lieu of the four required items to complete any of the Gobbiebag quests.

Gobbiebag Quests
The Gobbiebag Part I The Gobbiebag Part II The Gobbiebag Part III
The Gobbiebag Part IV The Gobbiebag Part V The Gobbiebag Part VI
The Gobbiebag Part VII The Gobbiebag Part VIII The Gobbiebag Part IX
The Gobbiebag Part X

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