Granite Rose I (W)

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Windurst-Flag.jpg Granite Rose I (W)
 Campaign Type:  Defensive operations
 Start NPC: Emhi Tchaoryo - Windurst Waters (S) - (H-9)
 Campaign Rank: Brass Ribbon of Service §§
 Objective: Reports indicate that a large battalion of beastman raiders has been dispatched to Ghoyu's Reverie. Travel to the caves via the Sauromogue Champaign and aid the soldiers stationed there in defending the location.
 Time Limit:    Recommended Lv.  


  • Enter the BCNM and defeat 3 Yagudo. The battle was laughably easy for 3 level 75's.
  • The battle is capped at 30 minutes, though a group of 3 level 75 players barely needed 5 minutes.
  • Buffs will remain if cast prior to entering the battle field.
  • After defeating the 3 Yagudo, exit the BCNM via the Dawn Aureole.
  • Only the party leader need have the Ops orders to enter the BCNM. Anyone from any nation can assist. Everyone will receive 170 Experience Points upon completion of the BCNM. Those signed up for this Campaign Ops will receive 640 Allied Notes upon speaking to Emhi Tchaoryo.

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