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Drop Rate

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The drop rate of an item is the probability of obtaining the item after completing the acquisition method for the item once. Examples include opening an armoury crate, defeating a monster, or completing a quest.

The drop rates on BG Wiki are based on observation and/or data collection and are intended to provide general probability ranges for individual drops. The terminology used for drop rates on BG Wiki is as follows:

  • G - Guaranteed (100% drop rate, 1/1)
  • C - Common (~35%+ or higher drop rate, approximately 1/3 or higher)
  • U - Uncommon (~20% drop rate, +/-10%, approximately 1/5)
  • R - Rare (~10% drop rate, +/-5%, approximately 1/10)
  • V - Very Rare (~5% drop rate, +/-2%, approximately 1/17)
  • X - Extremely Rare (~2% or lower drop rate, approximately 1/50 or worse)
  • XX - Extraordinarily Rare (~0.2% or lower drop rate, approximately 1/500 or worse).

Drop rates can be added to items by using the appropriate template:

  • {{gdrop}}, {{cdrop}}, {{udrop}}, {{rdrop}}, {{vdrop}}, {{xdrop}}, or {{xxdrop}}, corresponding to the seven categories above.

Note that drop rates are provided for guidance only, and, as with any random occurrence, your actual experience across a small number of instances may vary significantly from the estimated drop rate. Please refrain from editing drop rate information unless your modification is based on a significant pool of data or sufficient information from FFXIDB.

  • Otherwise, discuss potential updates to drop rate results by using "discussion" (talk) pages.

Drop rates for Voidwatch NMs generally assume capped or nearly capped red spectral alignment for maximum drop rates.

Related Links

  • For many NM drops, drop rates have been estimated using drop statistics from FFXIDB as a reference.

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