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Guard Skill

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When a physical attack is successfully guarded by a hand-to-hand weapon, the damage taken from the attack is significantly reduced.


Guard skill is a combat skill that determines a player's ability to block a significant portion of the damage from an incoming physical attack while using a Hand-to-Hand weapon. The activation of guard is determined by the enemy's level and the player's guard skill. Unlike a shield block, guard can only activate while engaged to an enemy, but guard can activate on any attacking enemy in front of the player, not just the one currently targeted. When an attack is successfully guarded, the attacker's pDIF is lowered by 1.0, usually greatly reducing damage.

The job trait Tactical Guard allows a successful guard to generate additional TP return for the player.

Guard Skill Caps

Job Grade Level 49 Level 99
MNK A 150 417
PUP B 144 398

Equipment Bonuses

Note that nearly all level 99 Hand-to-Hand weapons with Item Levels 100 or higher have a significant amount of Guard Skill on the weapon, with the value proportional to the Item Level. These weapons are not listed in the tables below.

Item Level Slot Jobs Amount
Anchorite's Hose +1 99 Legs MNK 22
Anchorite's Hose 99 Legs MNK 20
Temple Hose +1 74 Legs MNK 15
Melee Gaiters +1 75 Feet MNK 14
Melee Gaiters 71 Feet MNK 12
Boxer's Mantle 70 Back All jobs 10
Smilodon Mask 98 Head WAR MNK THF BST NIN DNC 10
Temple Hose 60 Legs MNK 10
Gnole Crown 72 Head WAR MNK THF BST NIN DNC 8
Guarding Torque 65 Neck All jobs 7
Feral Mask 70 Head WAR MNK THF BST NIN DNC 6
Black Adargas +1 60 Weapon MNK PUP 5
Portus Annulet 94 Ring All jobs 5
Tiger Mask 70 Head WAR MNK THF BST NIN DNC 5
Busker's Earring 60 Earring All jobs 5 (PUP sub job)
Black Adargas 60 Weapon MNK PUP 4
Oatixur 99 Weapon MNK PUP 4
Adargas +1 47 Weapon MNK PUP 3
Guarding Earring 35 Earring All jobs 3
Adargas 47 Weapon MNK PUP 2

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