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Guild points are a system that allows players to purchase special items, furnishings, and gear.

To gain Guild Points, you must first enter into a contract with a guild.

Entering into a guild contract

  • Speak to one of the following Union Guild Representatives:
Craft NPC Location
Alchemy.gif Alchemy Hemewmew Bastok Mines (K-7)
Bonecraft.gif Bonecraft Samigo-Pormigo Windurst Woods (H-13)
Clothcraft.gif Clothcraft Hauh Colphioh Windurst Woods (G-12)
Cooking.gif Cooking Qhum Knaidjn Windurst Waters (E-9)
Fishing.gif Fishing Fennella Port Windurst (C-8)
Goldsmithing.gif Goldsmithing Ellard Bastok Markets (H-8)
Leathercraft.gif Leathercraft Alivatand Southern San d'Oria (E-8)
Smithing.gif Smithing Macuillie Northern San d'Oria (E-6)
Smithing.gif Smithing Lorena Metalworks (E-7)
Woodworking.gif Woodworking Andreas Northern San d'Oria (E-3)
  • In order to be eligible for a guild contract, you must be novice rank or higher in that guild.
  • You may only have one guild contract at a time.
    • To enter into a contract with a new guild, you will have to terminate the contract that you have with another guild.

Acquiring Guild Points

  • Each Earth day a specific item will be requested by the Guild Union Representative. You will be told a specific number of points that you can obtain during that day.
    • New items are determined at JP Midnight.
    • The item requested is based off of your rank.
    • High-quality items can be turned in for points.
  • Trade the specified item/items to the proper Guild Union Representative to receive credit.
    • Generally the number of items that you need to turn in to cap points will not be a whole number, meaning that you will either have to turn in an additional item to receive partial credit to cap your points, or you will gain less than optimal points for the day. This is not an issue with items that are cheap or easy to synth, but can be a very tough choice with incredibly expensive or hard to get ingredients.
  • You can generally find your item of the day from the FFXIAH Guild Point page.

To see items that you can buy with Guild Points, please see the Crafting main page.

Changing Guilds

  • Players may change their guild affiliation in order to earn and spend points on items with other guilds.
  • A player may change guild affiliation at any time by speaking to the corresponding Guild Union Representative for the desired guild.
    • Existing points with your guild are not lost.
    • Crafting levels are unaffected.
    • You may change back at any time.
  • It is recommended to do your guild point items for your existing guild before switching. Players will have to wait until the following JP Midnight before they can trade in items for guild points regardless if they earned any with any guild that day or not.
  • Players who a is partaking in the Escutcheons crafting shield quest line may still turn in set kits for Crafter Points after changing guild affiliation away from their main guild. Just stock up on Analysis Crystals before changing.


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