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Halvung Staging Point

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One of 6 Staging Points used to gain access to Runic Portals and for completing Assault Missions. This zone is contained inside of Mount Zhayolm. This is where the Lebros Cavern Assault missions are done.


  • Exit to Bhaflau Thickets from Al Zahbi.
  • Go to (F-8) and zone in to Halvung.
  • Escape to Mount Zhayolm if possible.
  • If not possible, head Southwest. Turn north after you cross the bridge. Turn south to zone to Mount Zhayolm.
  • In Mount Zhayolm, head north and take a left at (L-6). Stick to the right wall to arrive.

Maps for Halvung Staging Point

Involved in Missions

Lebros Cavern
Rank Mission Objective Description AP (max) Unique Appraisals
PSC Excavation Duty Remove the obstructions The Imperial Army plans to traverse Lebros Cavern as part of their attack on Halvung, however the tunnels are blocked with rocks. You must remove the obstructions. 1100
PFC Lebros Supplies Deliver the Provisions An advance unit sent into Lebros Cavern has met heavy resistance and is in need of reprovisioning. Your mission is to deliver rations to each member of the advance unit. 1200
SP Troll Fugitives Destroy the Troll fugitives The remnants of a Troll army that clashed with Imperial forces has taken refuge within Lebros Cavern. Hunt down the fugitives and prevent them from regrouping. 1000
LC Evade and Escape Discover alternate route The unit deployed within Lebros Cavern is in danger of being overwhelmed by the well-positioned enemy. Discover an alternate route so they can retreat in safety. 1000
C Siegemaster Assassination Assassinate Borgerlur The Trolls have recruited Borgerlur, a siege specialist from central Aradjiah. The Empire cannot allow him to take control of the Troll army. Find and eliminate Borgerlur as he travels through Lebros Cavern. 1100
S Apkallu Breeding Match the apkallu Due to their intelligence and ability to travel through both water and on land, the rare Lebros Apkallu is prized by the navy as a messenger bird. Help increase their numbers by pairing them up. 1300
SM Wamoura Farm Raid Remove the threat The enemy has begun raising swarms of wamoura in the Lebros Caverns. If they reach adulthood, they would present a formidable threat. Infiltrate the Lebros Caverns and destroy them. 1166
CS Egg Conservation Drive out the hunters There have been reports that Qiqirn hunters have been collecting the eggs of our army's messenger apkallus. You are to join forces with the male apkallus in the area and eliminate the invading Qiqirn while protecting the females and their eggs. 1333
SL Operation: Black Pearl Rescue Princess Kadjaya A ship carrying Princess Kadjaya of the Imperial family back from a diplomatic mission to the West has run aground near the Lebros Cavern. You are to find the survivors and escort them to safety.  ?
FL Better Than One Defeat Black Shuck Recently there have been multiple reports of a three-headed beast attacking traders en route to Al Zahbi. You are to travel to its rumored lair in the Lebros Cavern and slay the monster. 1500


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