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Matre Bell icon.pngHandbells are a class of instruments exclusive to Geomancers. The potency of Geomancy spells depends on Geomancy Skill and Handbell Skill, similar to how Songs depend on Singing Skill and Instrument Skill.

Handbell skill is developed while casting geomancy spells with a handbell equipped.

SquareEnix has stated that these are going to be more similar to Animators than Instruments, in that you will need only one Handbell at any given time and won't end up carrying around one for each spell.[1]

See Geomancy for more information on skill caps and enhancing equipment.

For Geomancer, Handbell is the only available instrument type, and the associated skill further enhances the potency of geomancy spells.

Weapon List

Weapon Name R E Level Item Level Sup Level Damage Delay DPS Additional Effects Jobs
Matre Bell Rare-Icon.gif Ex-Icon.gif 1 - - - - - MP+5 GEO
Dunna Rare-Icon.gif Ex-Icon.gif 99 - - - - - Handbell skill +18 Geomancy +5 Luopan: Damage taken -5% GEO
Eminent Bell Rare-Icon.gif Ex-Icon.gif 99 - - - - - Geomancy +3 GEO
Filiae Bell Rare-Icon.gif Ex-Icon.gif 99 - - - - - MP+30 Handbell skill +15 GEO
Nepote Bell Rare-Icon.gif 99 - - - - - Geomancy +5 GEO

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