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Event Dates


Edition Campaign Period
2018 Tuesday, October 24, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, November 7, at 6:59 a.m.
2019 Thursday, October 24, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Thursday, November 7, at 6:59 a.m.

October Login Campaign

While these items are rewards from the Harvest Festival they are part of this month's Repeat Login Campaign harvest theme.

You may pick them up at your will for 300 login points each:

  • Picking up two and synergizing them will create a Kakai Cap +1 icon.png Kakai Cap +1Kakai Cap +1 description.png which will turn you into a random ghoul costume.

Trick or Treat!

NPCs are dressed in costumes. Trade them sweets to obtain items.

♦Costumed NPCs:

San d'Oria Flag.jpg Southern San d'Oria / Northern San d'Oria
Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Mines / Bastok Markets
Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Waters / Windurst Woods

  • NPCs will accept most sweets, with certain exceptions that do not appeal to their finicky palates.

Recommended "Sweets"

  • If Windurst is in 2nd then Cinna-cookies work and are cheaper, but just use crackers.
  • Trade via the macro /item "Item Name" <t>
  • /item "Garlic Cracker" <t>

Trick or Treat Rewards

Trade roaming costumed NPCs sweets over and over again to obtain the following NQ items.
To obtain the HQ variant you must equip that item, and not any of the other Trick or Treat items and trade the NPCs more.

Note: You may not wear a grip while trying to obtain the staff. Verification Needed

NQ Item

HQ Item

Pumpkin Head description.png Horror Head description.png
Pumpkin Head II description.png Horror Head II description.png
Trick Staff description.png Treat Staff description.png
Trick Staff II description.png Treat Staff II description.png
Flan Masque description.png Flan Masque +1 description.png
You will only obtain the flan masque from trading Flan costumed NPCs sweets.

Costume Contest

Botulus Suit.jpg

Take Part in the Pink Masquerade Costume Contest! The Pink Masquerade costume competition will be held on each festival ground. Speak to the Ensemble Maven and trade them a treat to begin the contest. The judge will evaluate your currently equipped outfit. Receive a high evaluation to win a prize.

♦Costume Contest Areas

San d'Oria Flag.jpg Southern San d'Oria (I-8) / Northern San d'Oria (F-6)
Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Mines (H-8) / Bastok Markets (G-8)
Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Waters (G-9) / Windurst Woods (H-11)


Speak to the Ensemble Maven to receive a Botulus SuitBotulus Suit description.png.

  • You are free to participate in the contest wearing the suit.

To participate in the "contest" you must first make a contest outfit. Put on some event reward equipment.

  • Only the main weapon, sub weapon, head, body, hands, legs, and feet slots count.
  • You may wear any special event equipment, including items from the Repeat Login Campaign.

After creating your costume, trade the Ensemble Maven a random type of accepted sweet (same kinds you can trade to the NPCs for costumes) and to receive your score.

  • The current top 3 scores have their outfits displayed on the mannequins next to the Ensemble Mavens.
  • Scores of 20+ are rewarded with a Botulus Suit +1Botulus Suit +1 description.png.

Your Purple-winged Partners

See one of the moogles below to begin and sync to level one. You must begin charging your enlight lazer via defeating bats as your ordinary melee attacks do nothing to Pyracmon.

Each bat you defeat will give you an enlight effect of 1 damage. There is no notification that your lazer charged or your current strength. The effect caps at 30 damage.

Return to the moogle after defeating bats to gain the enlight effect.

♦Moogle Locations

San d'Oria Flag.jpg West Ronfaure (I-6) / East Ronfaure (G-6)
Bastok-Flag.jpg North Gustaberg (L-8) / South Gustaberg (J-7)
Windurst-Flag.jpg West Sarutabaruta (J-8) / East Sarutabaruta] (G-11)

Relinquishing Enlight Rewards

If you relinquish your light to the triple bats Magivore Ternion that appear after you gain the effect from the moogle, the prizes below will be rewarded.

  • NQ items do not need to be worn in order to obtain the HQ.
    • After obtaining the HQ, the bats do not return and try to leech your Enlight.



Ahriman Cap description.png Defeat 25+ bats.
Pyracmon Cap description.png Obtained after obtaining the NQ.
Defeat 30 bats.

Pyracmon Rewards

If you do not relinquish your light, face off against the spooky Ahriman Pyracmon. If he is defeated, you can earn the prizes below.

  • Pyracmon will try to dispel this en-light via it's only TP move Monocular Scowl. This is a gaze move and may be evaded simply by facing away while it is used.
  • If you are hit by this you will need to zone and start over.
    • He will not regenerate health if you zone.
  • You may use the regen bonus from the grounds of valor book after syncing to make this easier.

After defeating the Ahriman, return to the moogle to receive your reward.



Eerie Cloak description.png Defeat 11+ bats.
Eerie Cloak +1 description.png Obtained after obtaining the NQ.
Defeat 11+ bats.
Spook-a-Swirl description.png Obtained after defeating the Pyracmon while
in possession of both the Eerie Cloak and Eerie Cloak +1

Complete the event in San d'Oria Flag.jpg Ronfaure.

Choc. Grumpkin description.png Obtained after defeating the Pyracmon while
in possession of both the Eerie Cloak and Eerie Cloak +1

Complete the event in Bastok-Flag.jpg Gustaberg.

Harvest Horror description.png Obtained after defeating the Pyracmon while
in possession of both the Eerie Cloak and Eerie Cloak +1

Complete the event in Windurst-Flag.jpg Sarutabaruta.

Calabazilla Lant. description.png Subsequent completions
(After obtaining a previous furnishing in that region)

Bomb Decorations

Throughout the festivities, players will be able to enjoy the illumination of the now-famous bomb decorations. As in previous Harvest Festivals this will reward Pitchforks, and now a mount.

Pitchfork icon.png Pitchfork

To obtain the PitchforkPitchfork description.png you must make a two-person party and meet under specific Bomb Decorations with two specific costumes. Which costumes are based on area. Below is a list of the correct combinations and which NPCs can give them to you. The NPCs will not accept every type of sweet to turn you into a costume. If you get "Thank you..." with nothing else, try another sweet or wait a game-day to reset and try again. Once you get a costume, you must wait a game-day if trying to get the same costume from the same NPC with the same sweet. Alternatively, try another sweet if it's on the same day.

Pitchfork +1 icon.png Pitchfork +1

Obtaining the Pitchfork +1Pitchfork +1 description.png is somewhat similar. You must again make a 2-person party, but this time you both must have the Pitchfork and both be in a nation different where both of you first obtained it.

This time around you will need to get the costume of the Beastmen that lives near your home nation(Bastok = Quadav, San d'Oria = Orc, and Windurst = Yagudo). If done correctly, instead of getting that Beastmen's form, you will instead get a Goblin costume. Meet under bomb decorations and you will receive your reward.

  • Bastok Markets: Orc(Trick Spirit), Quadav(Trick Phantom), and Yagudo(Trick Skeleton).
  • Northern San d'Oria: Orc(Trick Shadow), Quadav(Trick Bones), and Yagudo(Trick Ghast).
  • Windurst Waters: Orc(Trick Bones), Quadav(Trick Shade), and Yagudo(Trick Ghost).

NPC and Costume List

Since all NPC's always give the same type of costume, it can be convenient to know which to use for obtaining the Pitchfork items.
There are both special event roaming NPC's, and pre-existing NPC's that have been dressed up just for the event. Stationary NPC's can often be indoors and more difficult to use seeing as how costumes do not allow interaction with doors.

NPC and Costume

San d'Oria Flag.jpg Northern San d'Oria San d'Oria Flag.jpg Southern San d'Oria
Stationary Costumed NPCs

Antonian (J-8): Hound
Attarena (M-10): Orc
Justi (G-8): Yagudo
Palguevion (F-6): Fomor
Pirvidiauce (D-8): Skeleton
Tavourine (E-4): Quadav
Vichuel (F-4): Ghost

Special Event NPCs

Trick Bones: Quadav
Trick Ghast: Yagudo
Trick Ghost: Skeleton
Trick Phantom: Shade
Trick Shade: Yagudo
Trick Shadow: Orc
Trick Skeleton: Hound
Trick Specter: Quadav
Trick Spirit: Ghost
Trick Wight: Orc

Stationary Costumed NPCs

Apairemant (K-9): Fomor
Aveline (F-7): Orc
Benaige (F-7): Orc
Corua (G-9): Skeleton
Kueh Igunahmori (D-8): Ghost
Lusiane (F-8): Yagudo
Machielle (G-9): Yagudo
Malecharisant (F-10): Fomor
Ostalie (E-9): Skeleton
Paunelie (E-8): Hound
Phamelise (K-9): Ghost
Pourette (J-9): Orc
Lotte (K-6): Quadav

Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Markets Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Markets
Stationary Costumed NPCs

Belizieg (F-8): Orc
Carmelide (I-8): Hound
Charging Chocobo (F-10): Skeleton
Ciqala (F-10): Quadav
Harmodios (K-10): Fomor
Olwyn (E-11): Ghost
Peritrage (F-10): Yagudo
Visala (H-8): Hound

Special Event NPCs

Trick Bones: Ghost
Trick Ghast: Fomor
Trick Ghost: Hound
Trick Phantom: Quadav
Trick Shade: Shade
Trick Shadow: Skeleton
Trick Skeleton: Yagudo
Trick Specter: Ghost
Trick Spirit: Orc
Trick Wight: Skeleton

Stationary Costumed NPCs

Aulavia (G-7): Ghost
Deegis (H-6): Orc
Emaliveulaux (G-6): Skeleton
Faustin (J-9): Hound
Galdeo (E-6): Skeleton
Griselda (H-5): Ghost
Maymunah (K-7): Quadav
Mille (G-6): Quadav
Neigepance (J-9): Fomor
Odoba (K-6): Yagudo
Proud Beard (K-8): Fomor
Tibelda (E-6): Yagudo

Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Waters Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Woods
Stationary Costumed NPCs

Ahyeekih (H-10): Fomor
Ensasa (H-9): Skeleton
Maqu Molpih (H-8): Orc
Ness Rugetomal (F-10): Hound
Orez-Ebrez (H-7): Orc
Upih Khachla (H-9): Ghost
Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7): Yagudo
Shohrun-Tuhrun (G-7): Quadav

Special Event NPCs

Trick Bones: Orc
Trick Ghast: Quadav
Trick Ghost: Yagudo
Trick Phantom: Ghost
Trick Shade: Quadav
Trick Shadow: Hound
Trick Skeleton: Fomor
Trick Specter: Orc
Trick Spirit: Skeleton
Trick Wight: Hound

Stationary Costumed NPCs

Bin Stejihna (G-8): Skeleton
Kuzah Hpirohpon (F-12): Yagudo
Meriri (F-12) : Quadav
Millerovieunet (J-12): Orc
Mono Nchaa (H-13): Hound
Nhobi Zalkia (G-8): Fomor
Nya Labiccio (H-11): Yagudo
Quesse (K-12): Fomor
Taraihi-Perunhi (K12): Hound
Retto-Marutto (H-12): Ghost
Shih Tayuun (H-12): Skeleton
Wije Tiren (I-8): Quadav

Spectral Mount

Cyhiraeth, Corpselight

Form a party of two people and only two party members. Find the NPC dressed as a Cyhiraeth (the floating skull) and then both party members trade a sweet till turned into the same costume. You can get other rewards before becoming wearing the Cyhiraeth costume (which lasts 4 minutes). Once both members are a Cyhiraeth head to the bomb decoration and both stand under the bomb balloon decorations to receive the mount.

Note: If you fail for any reason, you have to wait till the next game day to start over again.

Note: Trading a different type of sweet will allow you to have another chance at getting the costume. I traded a ginger cookie and got an item, then traded an acorn cookie and got the costume.

For example:

  • The NPC at the Auction House in Southern San d'Oria is in this costume and will grant it for a sweet. Proceed to the bomb balloons in the costume near the Mog House at (L-7) to gain the mount:

Harvest Festival Spectral Mount.jpg

Witch Hat icon.png Wake of the Lilies

There are two ghosts of the Dark Lilies in each city, in the areas listed below.
To begin this portion of the event simply talk to one of the above NPC. He will assign you one of them to follow. This will be the less difficult of the two. If you are successful, you will be given the Witch HatWitch Hat description.png.
If you talk to the exorcist again with the Witch HatWitch Hat description.png equipped, he will assign to the second and harder Dark Lily to follow. This time, if you are successful, you will be rewarded a Coven HatCoven Hat description.png.

Being spotted by the NPC remove your costume, and you must start over. When you have completed the task, you will be notified via the message: "Alright! It's time to collect your reward!"

Further successful attempts will be rewared with a random number of Papillions.

♦Exorcist Locations

  • Note: After successfully completing an exorcist's request, players must wait until the next game day before accepting another.

Lilly Locations

San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria:

  • First Dark Lily: Poseaulloie, roams around "Parade Ground", fountain area. (Elvaan/Female)
  • Second Dark Lily: Maryse, roams around "Laborman's Way" area. (Hume/Female)

Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok:

  • First Dark Lily: Selma, roams around "Gold Street" area. (Hume/Female)
  • Second Dark Lily: Pretty Heart, roams around surrounding "Metalworks" area. (Galka/Male)

Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst:

  • First Dark Lily: Bikho Ronpotteh, roams around "Huntsman's Court" area. (Mithra/Female)
  • Second Dark Lily: Guwanana, roams around far south "Rhinostery" area. (Tarutaru/Female)

Event Stalls

Special Harvest Festival stalls will make an appearance in the following areas, offering all manner of seasonal goodies for sale. Furthermore, decorate your Mog House with three new lanterns available in each nation, and your moogle just might have a surprise for you the next time you speak with him!

  • This special gift may still be obtained after the Harvest Festival has ended, as long as the necessary conditions have been met.

♦Stall Locations

San d'Oria Flag.jpg Northern San d'Oria (D-8)
Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Mines (H-9)
Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Waters (north side) (G-10)


Cost (Gil)


Jack-o'-Lantern description.png 1,000 All
Bomb Lantern description.png 5,000 All
Mandra Lantern description.png 5,000 All
Pumpkin Lantern description.png 5,000 All
Djinn Pricket description.png 10,000 Bastok-Flag.jpg
Jack-o'-Pricket description.png 10,000 San d'Oria Flag.jpg
Mandra. Pricket description.png 10,000 Windurst-Flag.jpg

Korrigan Pricket icon.png Korrigan Pricket

You may obtain a Korrigan PricketKorrigan Pricket description.png from your moogle if you set Jack-o'-Pricket, Djinn Pricket, and Mandragora Pricket in your Mog House layout.

This must be done from the Mog Safe 1 and not 2.

After the next conquest tally your moogle will reward you with the Pricket. If it does not then you must remove any conflicting items such as the Galley Kitchen first, and then wait for the next tally.

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