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Description:Increase in attack speed and reduction of recast timers.

Method of Affliction

Equipment Haste:
Various Equipment, Atma, Catastrophe with Apocalypse Lv75~119/II (10%)
Magic Haste:
Haste (15%), Haste II (30%), Hastega (15%), Hastega II (30%),
Refueling (10%), Animating Wail (15%), Mighty Guard (15%), Erratic Flutter (30%),
Advancing March (~10.55~18.95%), Victory March (~15.92~28.61%), Honor March (~12.30-16.99%)
Indi-Haste / Geo-Haste, (~2.4~40.9%)
Embrava (up to 25.9%)
Job Ability Haste:
Hasso (10%), Haste Samba (5~10%), Last Resort (15~25%)
Catastrophe with Apocalypse iLv119 III (10%), Wyvern (2%~10%)
Dual Wield:
Trait levels, Equipment
Martial Arts:
Trait levels, Equipment, Hundred Fists

Notes on Status Effect

Haste increases attack speed and reduces recasting times by a percentage that differs according to its source. The Haste spell, for example, has a value of approximately 15%. Using a 480-delay weapon (8 seconds per round) with the effect of Haste would change the attack speed to 85% of 480, or 408 (6.8 seconds per round). It is only "approximately", though, because some thorough testing of various equipment and spells has revealed that this Haste system is actually calculated on an X/1024 basis.


  • Take the 15% Haste in the previous example.
  • Now you want to represent it in binary in the computer program with a fairly short variable length that you can do quick, bitwise operations on, so you use a 10 bit variable.
  • If that the programmer assigning values to the equipment is unaware of exactly how the system works, or too lazy to find a closer approximation of the target value, they can just approximate 150/1000 = 15% and make the Haste value of Haste 150/1024 (14.68%) instead of something closer like 153/1024 (14.94%).
  • 480 Delay × (1024-150) ÷ 1024 = ~409 or 410 delay instead of the 408 predicted previously.
  • Because Haste doesn't give an exact potency message, it's impossible to draw conclusions like this from the spell. However, this hypothesis has been pretty well verified on gear

In general, the values assigned to equipment is lower than the description would indicate. Some exceptions include things like Rune Chopper (94/1024 = 9.2% Haste), which is higher. Overall, the assignment seems to generally follow the example above, with a trend towards lower values than expected. This is why people often claim you need 26% gear Haste to hit the 25% Haste cap.


Damage per second goes to infinity as Delay goes to 0, so Square has placed several caps on the Haste categories.

  • Equipment haste has its own cap of 25% (256/1024).
  • Magic haste caps at 43.75% (448/1024).
  • Job abilities haste is the third and final category, and it also caps at 25% (256/1024).

In addition to this, there is a general 80% Delay reduction cap that was added to the game as delay-reducing options became more readily available. Before this, it was possible to attain Haste values up to 93.75%, as can be seen in the UNCTGTG's video below:

All types of Delay Reduction fall under this cap, from Sword Strap to Martial Arts to Dual Wield. In order to calculate your current delay reduction (and how close you are to the cap), you need to determine your % delay by multiplying all your Delay reductions together.


  • For 30% Dual Wield, 26% Equipment Haste, 15% Magic Haste from Haste, 10% Job Ability Haste from Haste Samba:
    (1 - 30% Dual Wield)×(1024 - 256 Equipment Haste - 150 Magic Haste - 101 Job Ability Haste)÷1024 = 35.3% Delay remaining, or 64.7% Delay reduction

For Martial Arts, which is not a percentage-based decrease, you must use your base delay (480 for H2H) plus weapon delay in the calculations instead of calculating it independent of delay as shown above.

  • Minimum H2H delay is 96
    • The 80% Delay reduction cap still applies to your (Base Delay + Weapon Delay).

For example when calculating delay with H2H you take (480 (Base Delay) +xx (+Weapon Delay) -xx(MA Delay Reduction))×(1024 - xx Equipment Haste - xx Magic Haste - xx Job Ability Haste)÷1024 =xx

  • The minimum delay possible for a Spharai would be (480 Base Delay + 86 Weapon Delay)*.2 Delay cap = 113.2 minimum possible delay.
  • The delay for a Spharai Monk with capped gear and magic haste only, would be (480 Base Delay + 86 Weapon Delay - 200 Martial Arts Delay)×(1024 - 256 Equipment Haste - 448 Magic Haste)=114.3 which is nearly minimum delay. You would only need 1% job ability haste from Haste Samba to cap delay reduction.
  • Adding Haste Samba from a Dancer without merits or /Dancer and the haste spell would look like (480 Base Delay + 86 Weapon Delay - 200 Martial Arts Delay)×(1024 - 256 Equipment Haste - 150 Magic Haste - 51 Job Ability Haste)=202.6

Dual Wield Cheatsheet

Below is a table that will shows how much gear DW you will need with your current job's DW Tier and how much Haste you are receiving. Values listed are for capped gear haste.

Magic Haste
 0% 10% 15% 30% Cap
DW Job Tier
T1(10) 64 60 57 46 26
T2(15) 59 55 52 41 21
T3(25) 49 45 42 31 11
T4(30) 44 40 37 26  6
T5(35) 39 35 32 21  1
T6(37) 37 33 30 19  0

Removal of Status

The spell and ability effect can generally be cancelled; songs must be overwritten or expired.


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